Friday, May 3, 2013

Movie Review: Jurassic Park 3D

Movie: Jurassic Park 3D
Genre: Science Fiction
Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum
Rating: PG-13
My Rating: Two thumbs up

Ever since I heard they were going to bring back this movie in 3D for the 20th anniversary celebration, I thought, cool! I want to see that!

Then I forgot about it until this past weekend when I heard them say on the radio how so very awesome it was, so it was my quest to actually get out and see it.

Yes, I'm pretty much good with the 3D thing! I know so many people who hate it, or pooh pooh it or refuse to even try it, but I think it's fun. It gave me headaches back in the old days (a few years ago) but now, it doesn't bother me at all, and believe me, I tend to have motion sickness issues!

Anyway, what I'm saying is, I guess this review is pointless if you refuse to try the 3D thing! But I say, TRY IT! You might like it!

I love this movie. All the many thousands (well tens) of times I've seen it, it never fails to make me bite my finger nails and have me on the edge of my seat. I've always thought the dinosaurs were plenty scary looking, or cool looking (depending on the variety) and not at all fake-ish.

But then again, I'm probably quite easy to please.

For those who have NEVER even seen the movie, it's about a guy who creates a theme park that features real live dinosaurs he's cloned from blood found in fossilized mosquitoes. Cool, yes? And it is so cool. Until a rouge employee decides to sabotage the whole thing and suddenly, everything goes wrong.. really really wrong.

The kids in this movie are amazing! I am blown away every time I see it by their acting abilities. Wow. Wonder what they are up to these days.

But I think, besides the acting, and the story, and special effects, I think the best thing about this movie is the music. Hands down on of the best scores out there. Thank you John Williams.

Bottom line: I love this movie. If you've never seen it, go. If you want to try 3D, go. It's awesome what they've done with it.


  1. I have personally never had any desire to watch a 3D movie until this came out! It is one of my all-time favorite movies and despite the hundreds of times (this may be literal!!) that I've seen it, I could not pass up the chance to see it again on the big screen! Even if people are not fans of 3D, this one is a MUST!! Love, love, love!! :)

  2. When Jurassic Park first hit the theaters in 1993, I saw it 6.5 times. I heart this movie so much! I've been trying to talk the husband into going to see it with me, so I can see it yet again, but he hates 3D. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope I get to see it. :)



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