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Book Review: Everbound by Brodi Ashton

Book: Everbound by Brodi Ashton
Genre: YA paranormal
Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
For: Fun and Local Authors
From: I bought it from Amazon... I think

This book continues the story of Nikki and her two boys, Jack and Cole. The last book (Everneath) ended (spoiler!) with Jack, her human boy, being sucked down to the Everneath where he sacrificed himself and took her place in the tunnels there, with his energy providing food for the everliving immortal creatures.

So this book is her quest to get him back. She solicits Cole's help in this endeavor and surprisingly, he decides to help her. He, of course, is the everliving guy that wants her to go live with him in Everneath and eventually become the queen. She thinks he is crazy to believe that she will ever do such a thing.

But she doesn't care what his agenda is, she just needs him to help her find Jack. This adventure takes them to the Everneath several times where they have to make their way through a maze and all sorts of obstacles in order to get the tunnels where they hope Jack will be found.

I will not say anything about the ending, but let's just say there's a twist. And now I have no idea whatsoever which direction this series will take!

Anyway, I had a bit of hard time getting into this one at first. There was a lot of repeating stuff from the first book to catch us up to speed. Sometimes that's good, but in this book I was like... I know already! Get us to THIS story!!

I found it interesting to see another side of Cole in this book. In the first book, he is a pretty mean dude. But this one shows a softer side. I actually liked him, and quite a lot. However, for Jack fans, beware, he is hardly in it. Except for some sweet flashbacks to key moments in their relationship. I really enjoyed those actually.

So, despite the slow start, the end was pretty crazy and gripping. The supernatural weird stuff was fun, but sometimes a bit over the top and it was hard for me to actually understand or envision what was going on. I get frustrated with that sometimes. And I'm not sure if should be blaming myself or the author when that happens!

Bottom line: I ended up totally enjoying it and loved the crazy ending.

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  1. I loved this book. It's refreshing to read a simple but meaningful romance. I liked the flashbacks too. The ending was crazy crazy awesome and it took me by surprise. I have no idea what will happen next either! Loved your review.



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