Sunday, May 26, 2013

Currently: Last Week of School

(written Saturday Night)


** Absolutely loving the Star Trek soundtrack. Yep, add yet another favorite soundtrack to my list.

Here's one of my favorite clips so far:

** Guys, if I did a review of Josh's All That Echoes cd and give away a copy, would anyone be interested? It could happen....

** We are seeing All 4 One on Monday... the first concert of the outdoor theater season. They'll be good, right?


**Not much since all the TV went away, but I did watch an episode of Being Human as recommended by Jenny a long time ago. It was good, mostly. 

** No movies yet this weekend, but maybe we can do one on Monday? I still need to see Iron Man, you know.

** Looking forward to more Falling Skies, which starts in a week or so, and maybe I'll watch some of the Under the Dome thing too, but it might have to be after the fact.


** This week I finished Everbound (a review that got absolute no comments this week. Sad.) and A Change of Plans, which I'll review next week as part of a blog tour, and I just finished Insomnia. Wow, that one was crazy! I'll review it next week when it comes out too. 

** And that should end my recent big round of ARCs and review books that seem to have caught me these past months. In June and July, I'm going to read whatever.. just.. .whatever. Deal?

** I started two huge books that I'm not sure I'm in the mood for at the moment. And then today, Beautiful Ruins, which I've heard so much about, just landed on my Kindle, so maybe I'll try that one. I feel like I'm doing the book waffling thing at the moment. 


** My husband asked me this week when I'm going to start writing a book. Ha.


** Guys, I'm feeling the slump lately! No! This can't be! Next week is Armchair BEA so I hope to have posts planned and written and I hope they are not boring. 

** I'll be taking a bit of a break this summer when we are on the epic adventure anyway, so maybe I'll be warming up to that. If I stop for awhile, you'll all still be here when I come back, right?


** ate out at Texas Roadhouse tonight. Wow, that place has good food and lots of it. I've been feeling sort of sick since, but it was awesome.

** I started trying to use My Fitness Pal again. My sister keeps sending me encouragements, but I get frustrated with how to add homemade things in there, and I don't have the patience to enter all my recipes!!


** My bangs were out of control, so I cut them myself. I've never done that. That was the best thing I did this week!
** We planted a wee little garden today...tomatoes, peppers and zucchini.I think that's going to be it this year. 
** Graduation this week! 
** Remember the stinky mice? From the science experiment? We need to get rid of them, in a nice humane way. Suggestions? Anyone want some pet mice?
** My daughter saw a bull fight in Spain today. She got home too late to report, but we look forward to hearing all about tomorrow during our Facetime! 


  1. Those rolls look yummy! Here's to reading whatever you want! I've been doing that lately and it's wonderful. :)

    1. Michelle: Those rolls ARE yummy! And yes, I can't wait to just read whatever. We'll see how it goes.

  2. Wow! You've had/will have a busy week!

    I am so excited that my husband and I will be having two movie dates this week -- Star Trek and Iron Man! We don't get out often and now we have two in one week! He actually saw Star Trek last night with a buddy and can't wait to see it again with me.

    Looking forward to your amazing Armchair BEA posts! I can't wait to read them! :)

    1. Tif: That is cool, about the movie dates. Enjoy! And here's to ARMCHAIR!

  3. Reading whatever you want will be GREAT! I've let myself get backed up with review/library books, ack. I'm on another self-imposed library ban until I get things under control here :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Jennifer: Good luck with the getting things under control bit!

  4. I hear ya! I'm feeling the slump too! And I need to look into my fitness pal, I've been curious about it. I imagine i wouldn't have the patience to add all the food either...

    1. Joanna: You should at least give it (My fitness pal) a try. People seem to love it!

  5. Oh those rolls from Texas Roadhouse - they will suck you into eating way too many of them and then your actual dinner will make you sick!

    I saw a bullfight when I was 15 and in Mexico and that was all of the bullfights I ever need to see. I just don't get the appeal.

    Wish I were nearing the bottom of my "for review" books. My inability to say "no" has me buried again. Good for you to get through them!

    1. Lisa: We always get full from the rolls and the onion before the actual dinner comes. Funny. And crazy.

      I'm not sure I could handle a bull fight.

      I can't say no either. I did just accept another one, but it's not out until Sept. so I'm not going to think about it yet!

  6. My husband and I watched Being Human and liked it. Also the new Star Trek movie! Armchair BEA is coming up so fast; I'm not ready!

  7. Last week of school, yay!!! Hope you have fun plans for the summer. We planted a small garden ourselves not too terribly long ago and already reaped some of our leaf lettuce for salads this weekend. Yum!



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