Sunday, February 3, 2013

Currently: UnSuperbowl

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y
(as written on Sunday morning/afternoon)

Listening: at the moment? Not much. A quiet-ish morning house. But here's a song I want to share with you, a song I am loving so so much:

It's a cover of a Bob Dylan song, and the one that they use for the show Parenthood, though they have changed it up so much in this version that I hardly recognized it. I LOVE what they've done with it. Gives me chills!!

Eating: healthy! Well, at least making a stab at it. Though I did have ice cream last night at a birthday party (passed on the cake though) and wow, it tasted good!

Loving: the mini bloggiesta this weekend! We TRENDED last night during the chat! How cool is that! And I thought it would be a "mini" thing with not near as many people, but you all TALKED a lot and it was great, so thanks for that and here's hoping all your blogs are looking shiny today! I have yet had a chance to really work on more things today, but I did a few things yesterday. So that's good.

Reading: Wolf Hall! Trying to finish up my segment of the week. I'm a bit behind. I'm anxious to jump into some other books now though. And some ARCs I've got on the Kindle! Anxious I tell you!

Feeling: quite good today! Last night I felt weird, but I feel much better today. Amazing what a little sleep can do!

Watching: NOT the Superbowl! But I'm still holding out hope that someday I can host an UN-Superbowl party! I think that would be fun, but, not sure how... or who.

But this week, it was "fun" to see everyone's reactions to the Downton Abbey episode that I endured all alone a few months ago when I watched it online! Wasn't that the worst???

And Vampire Diaries continues to intrigue! Sheesh, that show is crazy!

And I haven't watched any American Idol and it feels weird.

We watched Pitch Perfect over the weekend, rented from Redbox. I enjoyed the singing, but the story was debatable, and the kids were crude. I would love it, LOVE it is someone would be brave enough to make a movie about singing high school (or college as this one was) kids and leave out all the crap. Please?

Wanting: The Josh Groban CD... Tuesday! So excited! Yep, I'm still on board with this guy and his songs. Love.

Thinking: that it's impossible that kid #3 is turning 18 tomorrow. Not really happening, right? Someone stop this time thing! I'm tired of it going so fast!

Exercising: Not really. Zumba once. It's like I can only concentrate on either the food end or the exercise end. This week, it was the food I guess. 

What's new this week for you all?


  1. Missed the bloggiesta as I'm still trying to catch up from everything I missed with the #dumbappendix. But I'm all about an un-Superbowl party. Dunno how I can care less about something some members of my family care so much about.
    Anyway. Only recently saw the KidPresident/Josh Groban video. FUNNY!

  2. Yeah for the Bloggiesta! I missed the chat though last night because I wasn't feeling well. BUT, overall, it has been a productive weekend, so I'm calling it a win!!



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