Saturday, February 16, 2013

Currently: Saturday Evening Version

C  U  R  R  E  N  T  L  Y
(as written on Saturday evening)

Listening:  to The Tenors! I just got their new CD this week. Awesome awesome stuff. I showed you Forever Young last time, so here's another:

and lest you think I'm all about the calm smooth guys lately, here's an old song I'm newly taken with by some guys who are known more for their hard rock stuff, but wow, I LOVE this mellow song:

AND because I also discovered a NEW song this week too, I want to share THAT:
(or is this really and old song too and I'm just clueless?)

Eating: not much. Nothing really. Sandwiches this week. A lot of sandwiches. 

Loving: that I managed to go to so much of LTUE this weekend. It was so crazy. And so exhausting, but I had a blast. I will l write up a summary of the experience this week, and maybe even a few other posts on things that sparked my interest while lecture listening.

Reading: I haven't read for three or four days straight. Like nothing. Today, though, I finally picked up Vanity Fair and read one chapter! Before the dry spell, I was muddling through Tris and Izzie. The reviews are right, not a good one. I added a ton of books on my Kindle that I hope to read someday, plus I accepted an TLC Book Tour review copy, and I need to re-read The Scarlet Pimpernel for book club this week! And then there's my science fiction experience that I'm still want to have! I am DROWNING! So fun!

Feeling: hmmmm... TIRED!

Watching: Survivor started! I'm happy to watch more Malcolm! And also Cochran and Dawn. It's going to be a fun season I think. Also, tomorrow night a new Amazing Race starts. Cool. I even watched a couple American Idol things this week. Meh. It seems like I watched a movie since the last report... oh yeah, Pitch Perfect. DUMB dumb movie. Nice music though.

Wanting: to watch another episode of Revenge online before it disappears. In fact, I hope it has not already done so.

Thinking: that I really should just go to bed and sleep. And it's not even very late yet. 

Exercising: not lately. Ugh.

I'm really thinking there's more to report on, but that's it for now I guess! 


  1. Malcolm as in Malcolm in the Middle? Love that show. It's one of our go-to shows when we want something silly and fun.

    1. Bryan: LOL, no not that Malcolm though that WOULD be fun! It's Malcolm from just the past season of Survivor. He's back again as a favorite. :)

  2. You have been a busy lady! Doesn't it feel strange to realize you haven't done any reading in days?

    1. Lisa: Yes, it's been very strange this week. I need to get reading!

  3. I've heard of The Tenors but not actually heard their music. That was a beautiful song! :) (And yes, I will certainly be looking forward to reading your thoughts on LTUE!)

    1. Kara: Oh, I'm so glad you stopped to listen! They have the most beautiful voices!



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