Saturday, December 8, 2012

Virtual Advent Tour: Kurt Bestor's Christmas Songs

Welcome to day eighth of the Virtual Advent Blog Tour! Now in its seventh year! Wow. I love it. You know it's a good thing when it sticks around this long, right?

I've been participating since nearly the beginning (see the list of my other advent posts below, I think I wasn't blogging the first year they started this) so I'm starting to really have to think about what I'd like to share with you regarding what says Christmas to me! But, I've a feeling I could go on for quite a few more years before I actually run out of ideas!

This year, I'd love to tell you about Kurt Bestor. He's a local musician (grew up just down the street nearly) who has made it pretty big out there in certain genres of the music world. However, my guess is you've never heard of him, am I right? (Unless you live here in Utah that is.)

So years ago he made several Christmas albums, there may be more now, I'm not even sure, and there are some "best of's" and some compilations, but these are the three "main ones" that I have:

Let me just say that it is NOT Christmas until we get these CDs out and play them! This music is definitely the background of all our Christmas doings... decorating the tree, baking, cleaning up for parties, during the party itself, Christmas Eve and for sure... Christmas morning.

Every year, he puts on an awesome spectacular Christmas concert, with guest singers and other musicians and his band and all sorts of production. For years it was my dream to go to this and finally, a couple of years ago, we manged to make this happen! It was so awesome. And the guest singer that year happened to Jason Castro who I loved from American Idol! Sweet!! (Here's a link to Jason singing during that show, with Kurt on the piano. So awesome.)

I've struggled trying to decide what songs to share with you, they are all so wonderful, but we've (daughter Toto has been helping me and in fact has made the videos and loaded them to her YouTube channel!) zeroed in on these few:

Joy to World... because this is the quintessential song from all three albums that means Christmas is here! Listen, blast it and see if you don't agree:

Little Drummer Boy.... because I love this arrangement and I can't help but la-la-la along when that part comes. So pretty. And there's cool drums of course.

He Who Crafted the Earth ... because my guess is this is one you've never heard before. It's based on a fourteenth century poem and I find it to be absolutely chilling. Toto has added the lyrics for you even!

And finally, the Kurt Bestor song that many of you MAY be familiar with... Prayer of the Children. It's not a Christmas song, but it's his signature song that he sings at every concert. This one will also give you chills and perhaps cause a tear or two, especially this video that I found that's illustrated with powerful images.

I hope you took a moment or two to experience these songs! I hope you loved them! I hope it brought some Christmas spirit and joy to your day. (And P.S. Kurt Bestor has a ton of other non Christmas CDs that are equally as awesome!)

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Merry Christmas to you all! Have a blast this holiday season. Enjoy.


  1. Love all the Christmas music! It's great to hear about singer who is new to me.

    Joy's Book Blog

  2. I've been listneing to Christmas music just to try to get in the Christmas-y mood. I'm so not feeling it this year. :( I love Christmas music that's unusual and unique.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing about this artist who clearly plays an important part in your Christmas traditions. And thank you for your continued contributions to the tour!

  4. Merry Christmas Suey!I bought a new album this year - Holiday Rules. It's pretty rock/alternative type music. Thanks for sharing some new Christmas music for me.

    The video of the reading of the nativity is still one of my favorites.

  5. Merry Christmas, Suey! I enjoyed hearing about how music makes it Christmas for you, and the special singer from your area. That was fun.

    I only have a few cds of Christmas music, I'm not sure why, because I love the songs so much. Little Drummer Boy is one of my favourites.

  6. I discovered Kurt Bestor my sophomore year at BYU, and still have the tape that a friend recorded for me. It's a must for Christmas. (Except, now I'm thinking that I can't listen to it because we got rid of our tape player at home. Darn that technology!)

  7. I always love being introduced to more singers! Thanks for sharing and joining in as always. :)



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