Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Author Extravaganza Report!

As you know, the other day we had a fun event at the library where several local authors came together to talk to all their adoring fans and to sign books. It was awesome.

It began with a Q and A panel, where I actually asked a question even! But so did many other people (including a bunch of kids who asked some amazingly thoughtful questions.) I  decided to sit and enjoy and not worry about remembering all that was said, but a few things stood out.

** Lisa Mangum, when asked about the editing process, told us about a manuscript that crossed her path once upon a time. She said it was huge for a manuscript (600 pages, and no it was not a Brandon Sanderson book!) But she actually took the time to read it, and then told the author to cut out a ton, and most of the middle and this and that. The author did, the book was published and did amazing. I enjoyed this story because the book is one that we have loved here at our house and one that my daughter has read over and over and over again. (The Secret Journal of Brett Colton by Kay Lynn Mangum)

** When asked about a strange questions that fans have asked them, Dean Hughes (popular LDS fiction author) mentioned a story where someone came up to him and said that their mother had been really enjoying his recent popular series (I loved it too, about WWII) but she was not expected to live too much longer and could he tell her how it ended and what happened to all the characters? He said okay, so they sat the old mom down by him and he explained and talked to her about all his plot plans for the future books. She was so pleased and happy. The next year, the daughter came to another signing and said that yes, her mom had died, and thank you so much for telling her about his future books!

** When I asked about what was their favorite book of the year, the one that stood out in my mind was that Robison Wells answered Melina Marchetta's book, On Jellicoe Road, also one of my favorites! I need to re-read that one.

** Jessica Day George got lots of chuckles from the audience all across the board, but we especially enjoyed her story of killing off characters, or deleting them from the story altogether. Sad!

** When asked what was the worse moment of being an author, almost all of them mentioned painful book signings where they sit there and there's not a soul in the store. One of them said that the store had provided ONE book at their table to be sold. She felt that maybe they needed more. In fact, it turned out that only one person came up to them, and they did NOT buy the book! Ugh.

Anyway, it was all great fun and we had a good time. I was happy to be sitting by fellow book blogger, Kathy from Read This Instead. So glad she could come!

After the panel, there was a mass signing. I brought about eight books to be signed for various Christmas presents and so I talked to Rob Wells, Jessica Day George, Ally Condie, Brandon Mull, and Lisa Mangum.

And I managed to take a few (not so good) pictures:

Brandon Mull, who came straight from the airport that morning
not even going home to see his kids first!

Lisa Mangum with Chris Crowe in the background.

Lines for Brandon Mull and Ally Condie

My very excited nephew meeting Robison Wells

Ally Condie, Jessica Day George, Dean Hughes

Brandon Mull is amazingly awesome with his young fans.

My people waiting in Brandon Mull's line.

Fun, yes? And that ends the recent couple of months of what seems like non-stop author events and book signings around here. I wonder what's in store for next year? I'm sure you'll be the first to know!


  1. Ha! I love how one of the pillars is blocking all but my nose in one of the pictures. :D

    1. Enna: I didn't even realized I'd "caught" you!

  2. Sounds like it was a blast. I'm bummed I missed it! Maybe next year...

  3. I blogged about author events today, too. Yay! Sounds like yours was lots of fun. I'm sooo jealous of how bookishly awesome Utah Valley is these days. Why wasn't it that way when I lived there (a million years ago)??

    1. Susan: That would be so fun if you were still around!

  4. Sigh! It looks like you had usual. I'm so impressed you asked a question! You're getting so brave!

    1. Jenny: Oh my you should have seen me! :) It was scary though... so scary!

  5. You asked a question?! Yay! I'm so proud of you!!! I'm sad I couldn't go. I really wanted to get Variant signed. Alas, having only one car sucks when your husband works every single Saturday.

    1. Jenni (and Jenny too): And here's the thing... you actually had to get UP and stand at the MICROPHONE to ask the question. GASP!!! (Sad you couldn't make it... thumbs down to the car thing.)

  6. There are so many times that I wish I didn't live in a dinky town in the middle of the frozen tundra ;) No author events around here! Thanks for letting my live vicariously through you :)

  7. I'm so glad you wrote this up! I'd been waiting forever to write anything about it because my camera had some problems and I lost all the pictures. I thought I could recover them, but no.
    Anyway, it was so fun to sit with you! You were brave to ask a question, (and even the first question if I remember right!) :)



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