Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Sunday Salon: Mother's Day

Mother's day today. A happy one to all of you! It's not my most favorite day of the year, but you know, it'll be okay! :)

Outside my window: Beautiful day. Seems like we've been have a lot of beautiful days lately. It's nice.

 I am listening to: The husband is blasting his England Dan Pandora radio station and singing along with every song. He loves that station, and says "I guess this is just my kind of music!" Also I'm hearing some violin practicing going on in the next room. A recital is coming up. Time to get serious!

Song of the week:

TV Talk: Survivor finale today. I'm curious how it will shake down. Too bad I can't watch it. But I will later.  The Vampire Diaries finale was so crazy I didn't even GET what happened! Sheesh. You gotta pat attention with that show or else! The Amazing Race finale was anti-climatic last week. Whatever. I haven't watched much else, but I am really looking forward to some Falling Sky coming up in a few weeks!

READING REPORT: Very very boring this week. So sorry. I've just been reading and reading and reading The Wise Man's Fear, but not as much as I'd hope to. I'm to about page 400 in nearly 1000 page book, so it may be the same story this week. Dang life gets in the way. And maybe the fact that I added crafty stuff to my line up this week. I guess that could be the difference too.

Books Finished: None

Books Started: None

Books Up Next: Who knows? 

I am thinking: that eating something about now would be nice. 

I'm grateful for: my mom. :)

Around the house: Last week I moaned about the broken chair... this week it's the dishwasher.. which technically isn't broken but is really doing it's job lousy. I'm sick of it. Time for a new one. 

Pinterest of the Week: The cute little Mother's Day presents I'm giving today come from Pinterest.... these things. 

Favorite things of the week: Working on the garden yesterday was nice, hard though. I hope it grows. Seeing two musicals, one at the school and one a the community theater was fun. Doing some quilting this week was fun...well technically it was piecing, which is the best part. Texting my sister about Stefan and Damon was fun, she is just now watching the first season. 

Utah Book Bloggers:  We posted the sign up for participating in Utah Book Month this last week, and those will stay open for another week or so. We'd love for tons more Utah bloggers to participate. Doesn't it sound fun? Yes? Come! 

Least favorite thing: unhappy kids.

Family Matters: Everyone seems a little stressed. Here's hoping that eases up soon. I'm tired of stress, you know?

The coming week: Book club! And that's always a good thing. 


  1. I had to repin the Cowgirl cookies - that is a recipe for book club waiting to happen! :)

    1. Sheila: It was yummy. I made the bottled gifts AND the cookies themselves. So fun.

  2. i hope the stress eases up soon too. we had a lazy weekend which helped with some of the stress for a while, and then the reality of a new week set in and the end-of-school schedule and a project due at the husbands work seemed to bring it all back!! ah!!

    good luck with the needed replacements, and good luck on your violinist's recital.


    1. L: Not sure the needed replacements will happen anytime soon, but we can always hope! The recital should be fun though. :)

  3. But you're enjoying The Wise Man's Fear, right?! That's all that matters. ;)

    Why on earth are the kids stressed isn't it summer time? Sheesh! ;)

    Yay for book club, the one bright spot in my dull, dull world.

    1. Jenny: Totally enjoying it, so yes, you are right. And as for the stress? Well, two kids are still in the mist of the final school season... there's that. Then we have job stress and.... such things.

  4. Thanks for the Osmonds! When I was 11-12, Donnie was plastered all over my walls. I swear I get a bit nostalgic every time I hear him now.



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