Monday, May 28, 2012

Review: Black Heart by Holly Black

Book: Black Heart by Holly Black
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Rating: ★★★☆☆
For: Fun
From: borrowed from Jenny

This is the third book in the Curseworkers series. The Curseworkers are people who can do magic, basically, by just a touch of their hands; however they are outlawed from working their magic by the government so anyone who does is basically considered criminal. Also, everyone has to wear gloves to protect accidental (or on  purpose) magic from happening.

In this, the third book, we have our hero Cassel, still trying to figure out where he fits in, in this bizarre world. Is he good guy or a bad guy? Will he work with the government or the underground criminals? Is he going to get back with Lila, or not? These are the questions to be answered in this installment.

While I find this series enchanting and fun, this third book was not as engaging for me as the others. Very slow to start and nothing really new was happening. It did pick up, however, and I found the climatic ending to be sufficiently page-turning!

Bottom line: It was mostly good. And I still love Cassel no matter what he decides!

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  1. Slower or not having Cassel to read about it such a blast. I hope we get more.

    1. Jenny: Is there more? Is this the end or not?

  2. So excited that there's a new Curse Workers book! Yea for Cassel!

  3. I really must get back to this series. I have only read the first book.

  4. I've been wondering if I wanted to continue with this series. I've only listened to the first one. I do love Cassel…so maybe I do. I do think I'll stick with the audios. The first one was great!



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