Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Sunday Salon: The Final Countdown

Outside my window: Sunday afternoon and it's peaceful outside. There're birds, and sunshine, and neighbors talking. It always seems really nice outside my window, have you noticed?

I am listening to: the birds mentioned above. So far, I haven't turned on music, but I just might in order to do the next little prompt....

Song of the week: I've had a lot of new to me songs I've been enjoying this week and it's hard to choose what to share!  Well, anyway, here's a new one from the new Silversun Pickups album called Here We Are:

Sounds very Radiohead, yes?

TV Talk: You know, not much TV going on right now. The Survivor finale was anti-climatic in every sense of the word. It was a boring season all around I must say. I actually watched American Idol (while cleaning) and then made book club watch Adam Lambert when he sang on the results show! Silly me. I liked it though so oh, well. Even though I was expecting him to sing this new song, which I dare you to listen to and NOT dance or at least tap your foot!  I caught up on one Once Upon a Time episode, but have one more to go. That show remained fun for me all season long. Really enjoyed it. If Grim comes to Netflix, maybe I'll go for that one and compare. 


Books Finished: Still no books finished this week. Those 1000 page books KILL me in this department! But I'm so so close to finishing it! Just a hundred and fifty or so pages left! I can do it today, really. Awesome book though. (The Wise Man's Fear)

Books Started: I did start reading my first Kindle book! The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood! Wow, that's quite the book so far. Talk about old English language! I also started Destined by Aprilynne Pike... the fourth in that Wings series. 

Books Up Next: Up next will be Black Heart, and About a Boy, and Ready Player One which I got from the library.... and hopefully some quick easy things that I can finish fast so my month tally won't look so very bad!

I am thinking: that whoever is playing outside right now sounds like they are having a lot of fun. 

I'm grateful for: the fact that my vacuum wasn't broken after all, and just needed to be reset because it thought it was plugged. I'm also grateful that I managed to get the WiFi working again this morning, because you know, we would DIE without that. 

Around the house: I cleaned this week pretty dang good, just so you know. It does happen sometimes. 

Pinterest of the Week: Yesterday I managed to put together the blocks for my little nine patch wall hanging. You'll have to wait for pictures though next week for my wrap up post.... that's assuming I keep working on it and maybe finish it!

Favorite things of the week: Book club was great, lots of book talk as always. (Hopefully a report will show up here soon!) Lots of reading time this week was good so I could polish off a few hundred fantasy pages. Awesome weather this week which includes the crazy rainstorm! Oh, and I got a haircut which makes such a difference. 

Utah Book Bloggers:  One more day to sign up! We need to you help make a fun Utah Book Month! If you are NOT a Utah blogger, you can read a Utah book and review it that month, or interview a Utah author... we'll match you up. If you ARE a Utah blogger, you can do those things AND interview another Utah blogger, so we can get to know each other better. That's not too hard, right? So come sign up now if you are interested! You don't have to commit to a ton, or do a lot, just let us know if you want to play.

Least favorite thing: headaches... lots of headaches, and neck aches and other such random body faultiness. I hate that.

Family Matters: Two more weeks of school for the two youngest kids. It's the final countdown! I can't believe it! Let's hope they make it through. Last week of job training for kid #1.... let's do some hoping for him too! And kid #2 has plans to start rehearsing to dance for the library in the summerfest parade! Wahoo for that!

The coming week: performances like crazy for us! Violin recital, orchestra concert and choir concert. Yippy!


  1. I'm loving the birds, too. We've had a nest above our front door for a while now and just the other day several baby birds hatched. We pointed the security camera toward the nest so we can watch the babies. They're so cute and they make the sweetest little chirpy noises. It's adorable. Watching them just makes me happy, so I thought I'd share :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    1. Susan: I'm still thinking about the bird mornings we had while in Arizona. It was amazing! :) And I love that you have your security cam on a nest! How awesome is that!

  2. I would not call myself a SilverSun Pickups fan, but I do like that song. A blare in your car song, or a headphone song. And yes, Radiohead sounding it is.

    One of my favorite sounds outside my window is the chirping peaceful.

    I have yet to start Wise Man's Fear. I really need to make that book priority for summer reading. Yay for you about the kindle. I never thought I would be a e-reader type person, but I am finding that I am. Out of the 23 books I have read so far this year, 9 have been e-books...that is a big increase from last year.

    OMG...we could not survive without our WiFi...shoot, right behind electricity, gas, and cell phone ...wifi is a must...more important than tv.

    I hope you have a fabulous week - lots going on so have fun.

    1. Ibeee!! Long time no hear from! :) I finally finished Wise Man last night! Wahoo. :) It will be definitely interesting to see what my ebook tally is be year's end. And I'm glad you kinda sorta liked that song!

  3. I still have a few new TV shows this week but all in all I've been unimpressed with how anticlimactic everything has been.

    Sorry about you headaches. They're the worst.

    1. Jenny: At least Vampire Diaries was pretty crazy.. yes? I'm so looking forward to Falling Skies! How was California? Are you back?



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