Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pin It and Do It Pinteresting Challenge Update Three: Disappearing Nine Patch Wall Hanging

I actually finished it! Now THIS is what this challenge is all about... forcing motivating a person to actually finish a project! I love it!

So I bought these squares at a quilt party my cousin hosted a few weeks ago. It was just 48 (I think) 5 inch squares... so... what to do with them?  (Hey, if you are interested in the quilt site where I got these from, I'm sure my cousin would LOVE a plug! Check it out.. My Lazy Daisy!)

I have this spot in my house, the stairwell, where I have had great plans to hang a seasonal wall hanging for every change of the seasons. At this point, I only had a Christmas one, a fall/Thanksgiving one, a Valentine one, and a flag one for the summer. I especially wanted a springy one that would work between Valentines and summer. So, that's what I decided to do with these squares.

They suggested at the party to make a disappearing nine patch, and I thought that looked easy and it was something I'd never done, so what the heck, I went for it. And then I found ideas on Pinterest and pinned them. (It's one of those getting to Pinterest through the back door kind of projects, know what I mean?)

(I really like this second one but decided it would be too big, plus it's tons more work!)

Anyway, I'm not going to list this step by detailed step, but just show the most awesome (ha ha) pictures I took along the way.

First, figuring out how to sew up the nine patches...
arranging the squares to what looks cool.

Then I sewed them up into nine patches.

Then I chopped them up! LOVE this part.
Sew them up to chop them up!


Here I am trying to figure out how to lay out the now chopped up
(aka disappearing nine patches) into a pleasing pattern.

I sewed them all up and added a little border,
and a bigger border.

And then I pinned it altogether with a back,
and a batting middle.

Then I quilted it with the machine of course,
just stitching in the ditch, cause I'm not fancy.

Next comes the binding (and the hanging tabs,)
 which I made WAY too small, but oh, well.

After handing sewing the binding to the back,
it was done!

Wow, it looks like I made it to fit perfectly!
But it was all luck!
Fun and easy! Though you should know, I am not a perfectionist and when it comes to quilting, sometimes that can be not so good. I had some issues with this for sure. I unpicked a couple times, and the binding is too small which messed up the corners, but that's okay. The Amish make mistakes on purpose you know! See, now I don't have to worry about that!

Now I have a springy looking wall hanging ready to hang just as we approach summer and it's time for my patriotic flag one! Of course.

How are your Pinterest projects coming along?


  1. that looks awesome! I love that you admit you are not a perfectionist - I completely identify! I don't quilt, but that intrigued me. It is all patterns.
    You should be very proud of yourself!

  2. Oh fun! See, this is why I don't do crafts. I would never sew things together to cut them apart again! I'm much to grouchy and lazy! But I'm absolutely amazing at admiring other people's hard work. ;)

  3. Well done! I've seen this challenge around the blogosphere, but don't have many crafts on my boards yet. Have started pinning things to my boards so maybe I can participate next time. Congrats on the perfect fit!

  4. I love the colors. I haven't heard of a disappearing nine patch. I also have a wall hanging that I intended to replace with the seasons but so far only have a Christmas one to replace the regular one, but then it's only been ten years . . .

  5. Great job! It looks really nice hanging there!

  6. That is SO pretty! I wish I was a quilter. Congrats on finishing a pin... I'm not participating in the challenge, but I have actually done a few things that I've pinned from pinterest -- all recipes, though -- nothing crafty!

  7. some great colors and patterns! I made a baby quilt for the daughter. it was fun, but took me sooooo long (and it was a fairly simple design). My father-in-law creates gorgeous quilts, and has a machine. I need to spend more time with him because you have me inspired.

    L (omphaloskepsis)

  8. Well, now I feel like a total slacker counting a new frosting recipe on the challenge! This is great & I never knew before how quilters got that all of those mixed sizes to work so well. Looks great!



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