Monday, August 10, 2009

Why I Haven't Blogged All Weekend

A little dream is coming true!

A pile of packages from IKEA. (This place previously held the Barbie house, a small TV hooked to an abandoned Xbox, a rotten falling down tiny shelf holding neglected Xbox games, Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo consoles and games.... all which have been stuffed into a spare bedroom.)

The first few shelves go up.

The Mr. puts finishing touches on the big room divider shelf.
(Please disregard awful toy closet in background. I'm determined to clean that thing out and throw most of it away!!!)

View from middle of the room.
(Ew...I really think my camera lens needs a bit of cleaning!!)

View from doorway of the room. (Five Billy shelves on wall and in corner, two Expedit shelves under window and to divide this space from the main family room area.... just in case you are familiar with IKEA stuff. This is the first time we've ever bought anything from there, and I am happy with it all so far!)

Let the book organizing begin!

I still have many plans for this space. This is just the beginning, and it's going to take me quite awhile to figure out what books go where, so more pictures to follow as it happens! But I was too excited to not share the pictures of the progress so far.

In other news:

* Currently reading Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen.
* School starts in a week! Stressed with all the stuff I've got to stress about to get ready for that.
* Almost done with Gilmore Girls season four... then we are done for since the library doesn't have the rest of them!
* I resubscribed to EW.... very much a guilty pleasure.

I guess that's about it from around here!

What's the latest from your neck of the woods?


  1. is that going to be an entire room of bookshelves filled with books? If so I'm totally jealous, I really want my own little library...... sigh! Good luck with the organizing.

  2. So happy for you. Nothing like lots of shelves to brighten the day. I like how you're using the shelves to divide off the family room.

  3. Yowsa! Looks wonderful! It's a lot of work, and so worth it. Can't wait to see how you organized/set them up. :)

  4. We used to have a room with shelves on all the walls back in Wisconsin, and since moving to Texas, we really miss that. It looks gorgeous, Suey. I can't wait to see the pictures with the shelves all filled in!

  5. OMG....gorgeous! LOVE it! Jealous beyond imagination. I would love to have a room filled with books. Thanks for sharing this with us...I've been eyeing Billy and Expedit shelves for months

  6. *gasp*

    Jealous!!! So, so, so beautiful! I would LOVE to have something like that in my house! *Squeel* So happy for you!

  7. I really like IKEA stuff but I sure do wish it would come already put together!!! (Then I guess it would cost more) You all did a really fast job putting it together!

  8. Wow! The shelves look fabulous!!! How exciting. :)

  9. So so so jealous!
    I love IKEA

  10. That looks awesome!! I totally need something like this...

  11. I would love to have a new set of bookshelves! They look nice- you have to share more pictures when they're full!

  12. I LOVE your bookshelves!!!! Enjoy the organizing. For our household, it would be a double pleasure as the organizing is just as much fun as having the shelves. Woohoo!

    P.S. How is the online book group on Twitter going?

  13. How fun! My biggest book shelves come from IKEA as well.
    I know what you mean about trying to decide where everything goes but it can be so much fun!

  14. I am so jealous! I so need a room of bookshelves like that! Our IKEA is far away, though, and when I asked they said they don't did you manage that?
    Happy organizing!

  15. I'm absolutely green with envy. I've always wanted my own little library. Looks fantastic!

  16. Looks beautiful, I am jealous! I've always wanted to have a room with bookshelves on all the walls filled with my books. I can't wait. Please post lots more pictures as you get the room set up.

    Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

  17. Lovely shelves! Enjoy your organizing. :)

  18. Wonderful space! I can't wait to see it finished.

  19. Thanks everyone for all the great comments and excitement about my little corner of shelves! I wish I had a whole day or two just to play with books, but there's too many other things to worry about, so I only get a little bit of time here and there to continue with the organziing. Anyway, hopefully I can get going on it some more today.

    Jules: It's not a whole room, just a half a room... it's in our big, long downstairs family room, so I decided to take one corner and make it my "library."

    Bree: Online Twitter book club? Not sure how it's going. I haven't heard anything for awhile now.

    Tina: Our IKEA is quite close (30 min. away or so) so we didn't have them shipped. We took our cargo trailer with us and hauled all the boxes home!

    Now... on to organizing some more!! :)

  20. Now that looks like FUN! The only thing I enjoy about moving is packing up and unpacking (and finally organizing) books. I bet is has been neat to go through and organize your books for the shelves.

  21. That really does look like a blast!! It looks like it's going to be beautiful. The organizing and putting up the books is the best part!

  22. Oh love your bookshelves! We have the same set-up minus the expedit shelves, in the beech colour. I haven't posted because we ran out of shelves and I still have books on the floor! I love the look though and I'm so happy, so I hope you enjoy yours also.

    And I totally understand about EW, I used to subscribe, and occasionally by it when I can find it, now.

  23. I have a feeling you'll have all those shelves filled pretty quickly..LOL

    We could never buy from IKEA, as neither me of hubby has in patience when it comes to assembling something .

  24. I love Ikea bookshelves. I want some so badly!



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