Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Random Rambles

**I've been having a blast with my new book shelves! I'm adding books, I'm adding "decor", I'm adding music... it's great. I love it!

**Tonight we are going to the outdoor theater to watch Joseph and the Amazing..... you know the rest. And I hear thunder. We'll be sure to bring umbrellas. (Update two minutes later... now it's pouring!)

** Last night we went to the county fair. Toto entered five things with her 4H group and won blue ribbons on three of them. Cool, huh.

** I finished Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen (that's four of hers I've read now) and have been continuing with Homer and Langley that Random House sent me, and I started Drood which has been sitting here from the library for weeks. I haven't read NEAR as much this summer as I normally do. Sad

** My first EW magazine since I restarted it came today, with a lovely Jacob/Taylor on the front! Wahoo.

** School starts next week. Yey, for that. I think we will all kill each other if it wasn't.

** I tried to get John Green to answer my questions today during his live Blog TV appearance, but he didn't this time.

** I really miss book club and can't wait for it to start up again.

** Next Saturday we are having a Utah Book Bloggers Bash! Like we did in January, only this time with our families... in a park. Fun, I know! I'll be sure to report all about it.

** I have to order a drum book for Moder from Amazon, so of course I need to make the total add up to $25, and I can't figure out what book to add to my order. Ah, the stress.

Enough rambles for one post! A happy, lovely weekend to you all!


  1. Alas, I've never seen Joseph etc. I don't normally like musicals, but with a title like that, I *have* to see this one day. Unfortunately, my husband hates it, and so we haven't gone as of yet.

  2. Random Friday!

    Did you like Lock and Key? I haven't read that one yet. I just placed an Amazon order that I talked about in MY random Friday!

  3. I saw Joseph and the ... as a school play years ago, and I still remember the music and the coat!! I really enjoyed it.

    I love the randomness of your post! Fun with bookshelves (yaay to that!), hurray that school is approaching, and I hope you chose a book or two for the order!!

  4. I want the kids to go back to school too, but I wish there was some way I didn't have to go back at the same time!

    I have to make my amazon/chapters book orders add up to $39 to get free shipping. I have to buy more books to save money!

  5. What did you think of Lock and Key? Also, what were the questions you asked John Green?

    I'd like to see Joseph one day. Probably not in the rain though!

  6. Amanda: I'm lucky in that my husband loves musicals.

    Lisa: I really did like Lock and Key. I just posted my review if you are interested.

    Susan: I still haven't done an order!

    Raidergirl: Alas, those Canadian prices!

    Michelle: I finally posted a review of Lock and Key... which I totally enjoyed. And I asked John Green: If you could only keep five books, what would they be?



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