Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

Review: The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson
Genre: Fantasy

Rating: A-

For: Fun

Even though I liked it fine, it took me forever to get this book read. Well, it was over 700 pages, so that may be it. I decided to read it because I thought it would be a fun book to take camping. So I started it then, and over two weeks later, I finally finished it!

This is the second book in the Mistborn trilogy which started with The Final Empire (which I reviewed here.) Much of the first part of this book was getting us, the readers, back up to speed with how this cool, yet complicated magic system worked, and reminding us about the intense political situation surrounding our characters. While I appreciate the reminders, sometimes it gets to be too much and I feel like saying, "Ok, Ok, I remember already!!!" Thus sparked my question which I brought up in a recent post.

But once that was all out of the way, and the current story began in earnest, I was all there. This is a wonderful fantasy full of really fascinating characters with lots of intense action scenes, and lots of great conflict and angst.

In this installment, Vin has become the most powerful Mistborn ever and has committed to protecting Elend's shaky hold on the city. The city is surrounded by two threatening armies, with a third on the way. In the process, Vin begins to wonder who she really is and what her place in the world really should be. As powerful as she is, she's a very confused girl!

So, even though it took me forever to read it, I love the story, I enjoyed the book, and I will for sure continue on with the next book: The Hero of Ages.

For more on this trilogy, check out the author's very detailed website here.


  1. I get totally annoyed by too much re-telling, myself. More subtle, gentle reminders- or better yet, a prologue that I can totally ignore- suit me better. Even if I haven't read the previous book in ages.

  2. Oh, yay, thanks for bringing this trilogy to my attention. I need to not start anymore trilogies, but I am going to put the first book on my wish list!



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