Thursday, May 1, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: MayDay!

Quick! It’s an emergency! You just got an urgent call about a family emergency and had to rush to the airport with barely time to grab your wallet and your passport. But now, you’re stuck at the airport with nothing to read. What do you do??

And, no, you did NOT have time to grab your bookbag, or the book next to your bed. You were . . . grocery shopping when you got the call and have nothing with you but your wallet and your passport (which you fortuitously brought with you in case they asked for ID in the ethnic food aisle). This is hypothetical, remember….
Easy answer for me today. BUY A MAGAZINE! I would love the excuse to buy a magazine that I don't normally read, or one I've been dying to check out.... or one that looks really fun but I can't justify subscribing too. I love magazines.
If I need to kill more time than that, I'd buy a cheap paperback, easy-to-read book.
And if I can't find a book that looks interesting, I'd take a nap. That is, if I could relax enough, seeing as how I'm on my way to an emergency of some sort!


  1. A magazine would probably be easier to read in a crisis, I would imagine. I'm like you in that I would look to see if there was something I could read around the airport.

  2. I am all about the books.I said I would buy something too.



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