Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Bunch Of Book Business... or not

I've several little random book things to blog about, so I'm bunching them all up in one post.

First, I won a book giveaway contest! It's amazing! Thanks to Serena over at
Savvy Verse and Wit for hosting that and making me think about poetry this past month. I don't do much with poetry these days, but I remember loving it in school, so it was fun to remember back about some of my favorites. She's sending me Emily Dickinson poems, which I love, so that's very cool.

Second, I'm a bit behind with Weekly Geeks. This week's assignment is to commit to posting links to each other's reviews. So, if I do a review on a book, and someone else has reviewed that book, I link their review also. Sounds easy, right? Actually, it overwhelms me a bit, but I'll try! So... if I see that we've reviewed the same book, I'll link to you. If I don't notice, but you do, then you comment and let me know and I'll add your link to the post!

Third, I got Stephenie Meyer's new book yesterday,
The Host! I'm savoring it though, and not jumping into it right away. I'm going to force myself to read it slowly and enjoy. (Also, I'm thoroughly involved with Mistborn right now too, so I'm not leaving it stranded in favor of another book!)

Ummm... I was thinking there was a fourth thing, but it seems to have left me.

So how about some non-book thoughts:
  • It's a race at our house to see what our new cockateil bird will learn first: "Hello Birdie" or "Hola mi amor!"

  • Liquid laundry detergent is not the easiest thing to clean up from the floor.

  • Oh, Jason, Jason, Jason....

  • Josh Groban, you are the best.

  • It's not REALLY May already, is it?


  1. I had a cockatiel for many years. I loved him! I've always wanted to get another. Fun!

    I've linked many of your reviews already in my book review database. I'll keep a look out for your others!

    And your waiting to read The Host?! I've got a copy on hold at the library, although I'm under the number that they have ordered, I'm afraid I won't get it to read it in time to see her at Thanksgiving Point (I'm volunteering) in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to it.

  2. Well, I'm not waiting THAT long to read The Host. I've started it, a chapter into it or so, just not really concentrating on it yet. That's cool you'll get to go see Stephenie. I decided not to stress about it. Good thing too 'cause I never would have gotten tickets.

  3. I have not gotten the host yet from the bookstore, but it is on my list of things to do.

    I am in the middle of several other books at the moment. I've only offered to add reviews for the blog posts beginning with Remember Me? because I didn't want to get too overwhelmed with this week's challenge.

    You will have to keep me posted on The Host! I am sending the poetry Friday as planned.



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