Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Memoirs of Cleopatra by Margaret George

Wow! I loved this book. I've had it on my "mental" to read list for a couple of years now, and finally got to it with the push of the Historical Fiction group. It's only taken me... three months or so to read this 950 plus page book, but I have been fitting it in between other books too. However, for the past week, this one has consumed me.

Obviously, it's a fictional account based on the life of Cleopatra. However, the author lets the reader know what things she based on well-known accounts, and what stuff she totally made up. I found it fascinating to read about this time period, these characters, the culture... everything. (Sometimes the war talk and politics bogged me down, but it was interesting too!) Now I'm really hoping to see Rome, Egypt, Greece, The Nile... some day. Add that to my to do list!

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  1. I happened across your blog while blog hopping the other day. I read this book last summer while on vacation and enjoyed it as well. I also thought some of the battle stuff bogged it down a little bit, but I loved the descriptions of Alexandria - I really could visualize what it looked like.

    I joined the historical fiction group on yahoo right after they started reading this. I'm looking forward to some of the discussions.



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