Friday, March 23, 2007

Treadmill Books

The other day while at the library, I did something I haven't done in a long, long time. That was to browse through the shelves and pick up a book that I knew nothing about and had no intention of reading before walking in that very second. I used to do this all the time before joining online groups, reading blogs, and subscribing to book magazines. Now, my list of books to read is huge, as most of you know, and I go into the library usually with the intention of grabbing a certain book, or if not that, then a book or author I've heard of will jump out at me and I'll add that to my bag.

The reason I found myself browsing was because I was in the large print section, just trying to find any old large print book. The reason for the large print? (No, I'm not THAT old yet! :) ) But I have taken up treadmill walking, an activity I find I actually enjoy IF I have nice fast-paced music blasting AND a nice book to read. And I've found that the larger the print the book has, the easier it is to read as your head is bobbing up and down!

So, that made me think of yet another list... what qualifies for a good treadmill book?

  1. As already mentioned, large print is very nice. Thus, the great idea I had to check out some "real" large print books.

  2. Also, hardback books work much better in the little book holder, I've discovered.

  3. The less amount of concentration needed the better! So, it's a go for fluffy books, YA books, just for fun books....

  4. I need to be able to stop reading after 1/2 hour. If it grabs me too much and I want to keep reading after walking, this is not good.

  5. BUT.... if it grabs me just enough that I can't wait for walking time the next day, this is good! Great exercise motivation!

  6. Short books are better, so can I get done with them fairly quickly and see lots of progress.

So, are you wondering yet what book I picked off the large print shelf for my next treadmill book? It's called Willowwood by Mollie Hardwick, published in about 1980 I think or something. Anyone heard of it?

But the thing that caught my eye? On the front it says "a Victorian romance." Now how could I pass that up?

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