Monday, March 13, 2023

The Bookworm Tag


I was tagged by Kami at Kami's Library Thoughts for this fun Bookworm Tag! Be sure to go check out her answers to the questions she had. 

But here are my questions:

1.  What was the last book your read?

The Silence of Bones by June Hur

2.  Did you like it?

It was not really what I was hoping. So while it was okay, it also wasn't my favorite.

3.  Who is your favorite Author?
It's still Markus Zusak as it has been for years now.

4.  What book do you wish had a sequel?

Ugh, I can't think of something! Everything already has a sequel!

5.  What is your favorite movie adaptation?

I really loved the Holes adaptation. Have you seen it? It's awesome.

6.  What is your favorite place to read?

Just on the couch in my living room. Or in bed.

7.  What book do you wish was required reading in school?

Well, now that I'm thinking about it... how about The Book Thief? I'm wondering if some teachers are already requiring it. 

8.  What is your quirkiest reading habit?

I can't really think of one... I have a quirky reading habit? I'll have to ponder...

9.  What do you use as a bookmark?

A bookmark, often a souvenir one that I've acquired at some fun place. One that I'm currently using I bought from the Mayan people selling them at Chichén Itzá.

10.  Besides reading, what other hobby/hobbies do you have?

Editing videos, quilting, kpop, concerts, writing 

Hey if you want to do this, consider yourself tagged! Take some of the questions I answered and some that Kami answered, and make your own personal list!

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  1. I think I could have guessed most of your answers. I really like the Holes movie too. It is a great adaptation. Thanks for playing!



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