Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Book Review: Somewhere Only We Know by Maureen Goo

 Book: Somewhere Only We Know by Maureen Goo

Genre: YA romance

Rating: ★ ★ ★ 

I wanted to read this one because I heard it was going to be a Netflix movie, and you know I'm going to be curious about this one given it's topic! 

So in this one we have a kpop star... who is the girl this time. And a dude who is suffering the summer as an intern at his dad's bank in Hong Kong. They are both Korean  American's from California, and both living these interesting lives abroad. Our girl loves being a very famous star, but she is feeling strange about it lately... and needs to figure out what's wrong. How to change things up a bit, etc. 

So one night when she sneaks out of her hotel to find a hamburger (she is starving because they never let her eat) and she is under the influence of her sleeping pills... she ends up stumbling upon our dude. Who basically rescues her because she can barely function. Of course he thinks she is drunk. 

He doesn't know where she lives so she ends up spend the night at his apartment. And when the morning comes and they can think clearly again... she knows she should go back... but he wants to make use of her. Because in the meantime,  he has found out who she is and he has aspirations to become a top "journalist" (aka. paparazzi) and this would be his big break. So somehow, he convinces her to spend the day with him. She needs the escape and he needs the story.

Well... and so then we go around Hong Kong on a grand adventure! And now I wish I could visit someday! (Ha, like travel will ever happen again, eh?)

So this ended up being a fun romp and cute romance. Lots of disses to the kpop business as usual. It's a rough business I guess and deserves the criticism, but sometimes I get tired of that, you know? But this one is good because she figures out how to buck the system a bit. So in other words... happy ending. 

Anyway, for those of us that are kpop fans, this is another fun take on that craze. And I'm really quite enjoying this author. I have another one of hers on the stack to read soon. So we'll see if the enjoyment continues. 

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