Thursday, August 5, 2021

Kdrama Review: So I Married The Anti-fan

 Drama: So I Married the Anti-fan

Genre: romantic comedy

Starring: Choi Sooyoung, Choi Taejoon, Chansung

Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This one sounded stupid at first, but then I saw everyone raving about it and then it sounded just the sort of fluffy and fun that I enjoy, and yep, it was! Totally fun!

The premise is we have our guy who is a top kpop star, and our girl, who is a reporter and they get in a clash when she sees something she isn't supposed to and it makes him crazy. Their conflict is captured and now it's a big news story. His people think it would make a  great publicity stunt, and so they come up with the idea to make a reality show pairing them together. They can't stand each other and this sounds painful to them, but both of them are talked into it.

And so the show (within the show) begins. And also the romance. Which is very lovely! And suddenly we see that this dude who seemed gruff and unapproachable at first, is actually really sweet and nice. Of course he is!

It was awesome. So much great banter and funny moments. And then swoony moments. 

However, I didn't enjoy the side story of his two friends... one of them who manages the other of them in the kpop business...and yet doesn't seem to be helping her debut as a kpop star at all. Anyway, that story included a lot of emotional abuse and it wasn't not fun. And the resolution of that story was just weird and unsatisfactory for me. Just weird.

And Chansung from 2PM played this part and dang but he seems to always have these obnoxious boy parts! Can't he be the sweet charming main lead some day? Here's hoping!

But despite that, I did truly enjoy it. A fun crazy romance for sure!

Here's a trailer:

And that song that Taejoon actually sings himself:

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