Monday, May 18, 2020

Coronavirus Week Eight and Nine: May 4 to May 17, 2020

The farm is a great place to escape reality

I didn't report anything for week 8 since life is basically unchanged week to week for the most part. The routine is pretty set these days!

However, this past week, week 9, I could feel a shift... a little step towards back to normal. Even though I'm pretty sure nothing will be normal again, but you know.. .there were moments that felt like the old life.

I went to work again on Monday... the new routine. Work on Mondays! And then last week I went straight from there to the store to pick up the groceries...still not going in. Later that evening I went out walking with a friend and we visited... outside with social distancing observed... a couple of people. It felt so... NORMAL!

We saw several times this past week Kid 1 who lives a few miles away. He came down a few times since we were trying to help them get their trailer functioning so they could take out for the weekend. We were unsuccessful, but in the process we saw them a lot. They were diligent mask wearers and say they are totally used them now.

On Saturday we drove up to the farm in Idaho and spent the day walking around, breathing the air, visiting the grandparents at the cemetery and etc. We did stop at a Subway during the day, and went in with our masks on which prompted the local people give us strange looks. I think they, living out in the country, feel like this virus thing is not their issue. I don't know. It was weird. We took our sandwiches back to the farm to eat them in peace. LOL.

Also, we had an online family game night on Friday so that was also fun and quite diverting. We hope to do that again soon. We have played some games before, but this time it was using zoom, so we could see faces.

Anyway. There were a few people in our lives this past week other than the three faces living at this house. While not "normal", it started to feel like a step toward it. Now whether or not you think that's a good thing or bad, is another discussion!

This week we have a hike planned, and a couple of other online events (book club again and a kpop party) and so there are things to look forward to!

I can't believe it's almost June. We've been doing this for over two months. Two months ago this very today was Earthquake Day. Wow. It's crazy. And I still can't believe this is our life now.


  1. It is hard to believe that this is life, and that no matter what happens it won't quite be the same for quite a long time yet.

  2. How lovely that you have a farm to escape to. I know that being outdoors, even just around the neighborhood, has been such a peaceful and relaxing thing to do these past few months. I've been working in the office the whole time, as most of our staff had been sent to work from home, and so I've spent lunch times walking the trails nearby, or sitting out in my car somewhere outside of the city to read with the windows down. Anything just to enjoy the Spring and not let it pass by in a cloud of COVID fears/concerns.

    I'm glad you guys are doing well, and it is wild to think that June is just around the corner. It feels like we've been in some weird holding pattern and that it is just not possible that this coming Monday is Memorial Day.



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