Sunday, May 3, 2020

Coronavirus Week Seven: April 27 to May 3, 2020

We started and finished a puzzle this week. I didn't help with even one piece!

And just like that it's May. Some people are saying March was forever long, and April flew by. I think I agree. Amazing how fast these stay at home days are going.

This week I would say three big things happened:

We finally went out of the house one day to pick up groceries, grab a sandwich from Subway and then take it to the canyon park to sit on the grass and eat it. So weird when something so simple becomes and event. But yeah. The first time we were out in way over a week... and the only we we got out this week. (The husband gets out every day somehow... working on his shed project at the duplex we own... so I'm not counting him in this!)

Also, we had an visitor this week! My sister dropped off something she borrowed a long time ago and stayed and talked to us from the driveway for like an hour. That was nice!

(I forgot to mention that the farther away kid visited us last week. That was nice too! We hadn't seen them since Earthquake Day. They did the backyard visiting like the closer kid does every few days. So glad we have a nice big backyard for social distancing visits!)

The third thing is that our state went from red to orange meaning, some restrictions are going to lessen up. For me, this means the library is going to open again by appointment only, so they can restrict the amount of people in the building and encourage people to get in and out. So they are letting me go back to work... gradually. I will go tomorrow just to enter the bills and then play it from ear from there. I don't have to work with the public and hardly any staff either, so I'm not worried about anything. But still probably just go in once a week for a bit until we assess thing further. Everyone has to wear a mask, and so I ordered some basic little ones from Amazon that I hope will be more comfortable and breathable than that homemade bandanna one I wore to Costco the other week. That was so miserable! Anyway, I guess we'll see. Wearing masks feels so weird to me though. Definitely one Asian cultural thing that I really don't love! LOL! Makes me feel like a thug or something. Also, makes you realize how important peoples faces are while communicating too.

But I think this is our new normal, and as things open back up, masks are going to be required. So... deal with it I guess!

Anyway, getting back to "normal" is going to feel as strange as stopping life was before. I've gotten quite used to our strange routine and wow, hopefully I can actually get up tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like some good things happening in your world this week!



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