Thursday, May 2, 2019

Avenger Movie Catch Up: Mini Reviews

So awhile back we learned that the husband's work was treating us to The Endgame. However, the past few years we had become very very behind in all our Avenger movie watching. So we knew in order to fully enjoy this movie, we needed to to a lot of catching up!

Here's what we watched:

Spoilers might be ahead... I have no idea at this point what I'm going to say yet....

Thor: Ragnorok

I'm a pretty decent Thor movie fan, but somehow never watched this one. Well, of course it was a sad one right from the get go. WHAT THE HECK??? I sort of felt like, well, there is no point in watching the rest of this movie NOW!! :)

But it was good to see Thor in action again, with his evil sister as the main villain. I enjoyed the introduction to some new and quite funny characters. The Hulk always makes me a little crazy, but it was fun to see him as part of this movie too.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Unlike Thor, I am not a very big Guardians fan. So I pretty much avoided this movie on purpose. The characters are supposed to be funny, but I find the humor extremely cringe worth for the most part. I do enjoy the music though, I must say! So for the first half of this movie, I was rolling my eyes a lot and hoping for it to get over with soon.

However, the second half was much more interesting with the conflict and redemption of a couple of interesting characters. I enjoyed their development. I also enjoyed seeing Kurt Russel in his role. I enjoy also the attempt at throwing in a little romance in here, but it needs a lot of work. Sigh.

Ant Man

Some might think this one wasn't necessary in order to understand the Avenger movies, but I think it did help a lot. After we watched it, both my husband and I looked at each and said... have we already seen that one? It felt vaguely familiar, but not enough to really ring any bells. LOL.

So, yeah. This one was fun. Pretty cool special effects as all these movies have. I find it interesting that the power to get big and small and big and small is quite a powerful one. Who would have thought??

The crazy boys in the crazy van are my favorite part of this movie.

We didn't watch Ant Man and the Wasp, though we probably should have. Maybe we will still get to that one. But my daughter sent us a link to the clip that was shown after the credits and told us she thought this was a key moment for Endgame. And yes, it sure was. I'm glad we went in with THAT little bit of knowledge!

Avengers: Infinity War

Well, finally the BIG movie that needed catching up on. I knew that if nothing else we had to watch this one before Endgame. Wow, but we heard lots about this one last year! So I was dreading it a bit and nervous for it and pretty much knew what to expect from all the buzz last year. But yeah. This movie and Endgame are more like a Part 1 and Part 2, don't you think?

Anyway. I felt it was non stop stress of a movie. My husband fell asleep but I was on edge the whole time. And baffled as everyone was at what the heck happened.

I must say, that these movies, all of them, just seem like one big special effect fight. Which, is cool for a while, but after a bit, it gets tiring and just really hard to understand what's actually happening. this is probably one reason why I sort of drifted away from keeping up with them.

But I truly enjoyed seeing all the characters trying to save the universe together! There were some I didn't quite remember, though I think I'd seen their movies. But for the most part, I think we did a pretty good job getting ourselves prepared for it!

I also decided that I'm much more of an Iron Man sort of humor person than a Guardians sort of humor person. Can you see the difference between those two like I do? Anyway, I fall on the Iron Man side. I also enjoyed the quips from the Spiderman boy. I never did watch his version of the Spiderman story. I guess I figured I knew that story. But I do enjoy his take on Spiderman (boy). LOL.

So after that, I deemed ourselves ready! We didn't do Captain Marvel. I hoped that didn't matter. Or, like I said, Ant Man and the Wasp. Are those the only two that came out between Infinity War and Endgame? I guess we can still watch them at some point, yeah?

Anyway, up next, my thoughts on Endgame.

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