Saturday, May 25, 2019

Kdrama Review: I Hate You Juliet

Drama: I Hate You Juliet

Genre: romantic comedy with a fantasy twist
Starring: Lee Hong Gi, Jung Hye Jung
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤

I watched this one only for Lee Hong Gi, amazing lead singer of the band FTISLAND. And also amazing actor. It was a short cute little for fun drama, with not a whole lot of meat to it. (It was 15 to 20 min long episodes... 16 of them in all. Short!)

It's about a girl who goes to art school. There she meets up with a celebrity dude who is also going, a bit grudgingly. They end up in the same group to do the year end project, so they have to work together a lot. The guy is conceited and mean. The girl is very very naive. Somehow they end up hitting it off.

Well, the guy is quite intrigued by her because he can her her thoughts. But only sometimes. He goes crazy trying to figure out why this is and what sets it of. So between that, and being together a lot. He ends up realizing he is falling for her. But no way is he going to admit it!

I love his face.

Eventually, they learn their moms were friends a long time ago but became estranged because of some misunderstanding. So they help bring them all together again.

Anyway. That's really about it. But it was fun to see Hong Gi in another fun role. The other ones I've see him in, he's always so sweet and fun loving and cute and happy go lucky. This dude was a bit more closed off and not as smiley. But still, in the end... very very sweet. :)

Gah. He's the best.

Here's the song (and clips) from the beautiful voices of IMFACT:


  1. Was there an explanation in the end- for why he could read her thoughts?

    1. He realized it was because they sorta kinda got shocked by lightning at the same time in the beginning, and then after that it only worked if she was wet. lol. But that storyline was never really developed, and only served as a device to make him interested in her. It was kinda weird.



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