Thursday, February 7, 2019

January 2019 Reading Recap

My January Snow Picture straight from the backyard!

In an attempt to keep up with my monthly recaps this year (and hopefully have something to show for each month's reading!) here's what I read in January:

1. The Other side of Lost by Jessi Kirby: Our girl is sad that she is been spending her life building an Instagram following instead of being close to her cousin who used to be her best friend. So after the cousin dies, our girl decides to fulfill the dream she (the cousin) had to hike the John Muir trail.

2. Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder: There's a magical island where nine kids live and every year a new kid comes and the oldest kid leaves. But what if next time, the oldest kid doesn't want to leave?

3. Sweet Black Waves by Kristina Perez: A fantasy take on the Tristan legend.

All three of these books were just okay for me. If I had to pick a favorite... hmmm....maybe the Sweet Black waves one? :)

All three of these books fulfill a category in the book challenge I'm doing:

  • First book in series: Sweet Black Waves
  • Book by a female author: Orphan Island
  • Book by an author you've never heard of : The Other Side of Lost

Goals this month:
  • Book club book: The Marriage Bureau
  • Read some for fun books I just acquired
  • Finish Kafka for the kpop book club (DONE!)
  • Read something else for the book challenge

What's up on your reading lists?


  1. Hopefully February will bring great reads instead of just okay ones. :-)

  2. Brrrr ... looks like you're having a fun winter :) I'm going to be in SLC for RootsTech in a couple weeks. Hopefully that snow will have disappeared by then!

    Bummer that your January books were just okay. The Jessica Kirby one sounds just like FAR FROM THE TREE, which I also thought was just okay. I might still check it out since I'm always interested in books about adoption.

    1. lol I just realized I used my Far from the Tree description for the Other Side of Lost! HA! no wonder it sounded the same!!! Where is my brain....



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