Sunday, February 17, 2019

Currently: Feeling Sad-ish

Listening: Someone has taken over the Spotify and there is some weird rap going on. But mostly, what I'm listening to these days are these guys:

Watching: And those guys I will get to WATCH in real life in a few weeks. I am beyond excited. Other watching habits are simply an episode of a kdrama every night. I just finished one last night and will review shortly. It takes me about two weeks to finish a drama. Some people I follow over on Twitter watch a drama a day a swear. I don't know how they fit in life between that. I haven't managed to find any English speaking shows that sound interesting and I haven't seen a movie in a long time. Life is weird. Does a new Survivor start up again soon? I think that's the only show that my husband and I enjoy together so...

Reading: I've been reading pretty well lately. Knocking those books out one by one! But nothing very amazing. I mean Kafka on the Shore was fascinating. And then I finished Geekerella (review to come soon). Sheesh, talk about two different kinds of books. LOL. Trying to finish up this week's book club book, The Marriage Bureau. It's fun and so full of so many interesting stories.

Blogging: Well, I must admit, I don't even know why I'm still doing this. I like the personal record of it for sure. I have maybe what... 3 readers still? Anyway, thank you if you are still reading. I'm a terrible reader of blogs myself these days. I skim some still though. Man I miss the heyday of blogging from a few years ago. Good times.

Writing: I still think about it every day. This past weekend was LTUE, the awesome local very cheap conference that I went to faithfully for about ten years, but have missed the past two years. Another sad thing from the past, eh? Maybe next year I'll be ready to pick it up again.

YouTubing: We crossed over yet ANOTHER 1000 subscriber mark since the last Currently I posted. Wow. It's mostly because we put up a compilation of Monsta X being cute with kids which a ton of people see and then automatically subscribe to us. I think. Yay for that video! Now if only they'd watch a couple other videos of ours! It's just like blogging though, we have a few stalwarts that seem to enjoy what we are doing and comment and interact. So for now... the channel continues.

Picture Taking:
All books on the SHELF!

Pretty winter

The mountain I love

The day it snowed for real

We got a package

Kpop party dancing!

Bed making helper

My grandma's bell collection was dispersed among family. I ended up with 4.

Kpop Christmas

Looking Forward To and Being Nervous About:

  • seeing a Japanese rock band called One Ok Rock in SL on Tuesday.
  • taking Toto to CA next week to send her to Korea. 
  • going to CA in March to see ATEEZ (see above)
  • hopefully going to CA in May to see Stray Kids
  • hopefully going to Korea in June to travel around after Toto is done with her semester


  • organized my book mess in the basement. That feels good to finally have under control, for a few days anyway.
  • having fun with the book challenge from the local bookstore.
  • continuously craving chocolate chip cookies. I fight it nearly daily. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.
  • am addicted to kpop stan Twitter and need to figure out how to detox. 

If you are a friend/fan of Toto, you should follow her new Youtube channel where she will be posting creative artsy videos (not vlogging necessarily, though a vlog or two might make an appearance) about her adventures in Korea. This channel is her  EDGE project for school. 

She also has a new companion Instagram for Korean adventures channel. If you want to see pictures there. I'm hoping she updates often!  You can find her at @totally_there

And that's pretty much what's been going on around here! What's new with you all?


  1. I miss the olden days of blogging myself. I've started trying to review books again this year because I miss the creative outlet, but I have to admit the old magic isn't there as much as when, you know, I actually had time to review books *and* interact with the community.

    Those organized books on shelves look great! I organized mine and got most of them on shelves the end of last year, but, as ever, I've ruined it by going and buying more. ;-)

  2. I can't wait for your Geekerella review! Your shelves look nice!



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