Saturday, December 29, 2018

Kdrama Review: King of High School

Drama: King of High School
Genre: Romantic comedy
Starring: Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, Lee Soo Hyuk
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

This drama was recommended to me more than a year ago or so. I added it to the list, but hadn't ever gotten around to it until now. And so thanks to my current Seo In Guk obsession, it was bumped up! And thus I watched my third Seo In Guk drama in a row. Have I got my fill yet? I highly doubt it.

This was a fun drama about a high school kid who has an older brother who for some reason can't come home and go to his job like normal. Well, and so since the two brothers look so much alike, he asks his little high schooler brother to take his place at work. The younger brother loves his older brother so much that even though he is like... what the heck and how can I EVEN do that... he jumps into this other life.

So he goes to school in the morning and after roll call, he jumps out the window and runs to join the corporate world of work. And he somehow pulls it off. And it's pretty funny at times!  He is also a star hockey player on the high school team, so he has to figure out how to get back to practices and games and retreats. LOL.
First impression. LOL

Meanwhile, there's a secretary at work who is a little different... she has a very childlike demeanor and so of course she and our high schooler CEO begin to bond. And then fall in love. Our boy of course knows that she is ten years older than him, but he gets over it pretty fast. Our girl, of course, has no clue.

Until she figures it all out. And then...what will she do???? It also doesn't help that her younger sister happens to be the high school girl that has a major crush on our dude!

Still, this romance is adorable. In the kdrama world, we call this a Noona Romance... noona being the word boys will call their older sisters. But is also a word they call any girl older than them that they are close to. And oftentimes it's very fun to watch a noona romance. This one being one of them. So cute. 
Best kissing actor in all of kdrama? Pretty much.

And of course Seo In Guk shines once again. His character in this one is very much like his Shopping King Louis dude. Fun and smiley and silly and childlike. I just love it. 

This was a great one for mostly fun and fluff. And I decided to end my drama watching year on this note and have taken a bit of a Christmas break to read. But just today, I started another one. And it's not going to be fluffy....

Anyway, here's a funny cute trailer that gives a pretty good feel for this drama without even any words!

And here is Seo In Guk himself singing a beautiful song from the drama:

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