Saturday, March 31, 2018

Anne of Green Gables Read Along Part 3

Our read along of Anne of Green Gables has come to an end! How does that happen so fast! I loved revisiting this oh so familiar book. It's been awesome. Thanks to everyone who's been able to participate with us!

The final discussion is happening over at Jenni Elyse's blog. Here are my answers to her questions:

1. Is this your first time reading Anne of Green Gables or a reread? Either way, what did you think about it?

This is a re-read, I can't remember what number. Four maybe? Anyway, I wondered how it would hold up, but thankfully it did. It was just as endearing as ever. I truly love this book.

2.If this is your first time reading Anne of Green Gables, do you plan to read the rest of the series? If you’ve read Anne of Green Gables before, have you read the rest of the series? What do you think about it?

I think I've only read the first three. I never did manage to do the whole bunch. But I totally loved those first three and I'm tempted to continue right now to experience everything over again.

3. Who is your favorite character and why?

Well, this is hard. Besides Anne? Is Anne a given? Because of course I love Anne... she is what makes the book what it is. And then I do love Gilbert, but since we didn't really get to know him in this book, we won't count him either. Um, Matthew is very very hard not to love because he's so quiet and shy and yet, AND YET, he is the one that makes sure what he wants happens. I love that he is strong that way... quiet strength. And I love that he loved Anne the minute she opened her mouth. And wasn't at all turned off by her talking. He's the best.

4. Who is your least favorite character and why?

But, I don't really have one. I mean I know that Anne didn't like Josie Pye, but I didn't find her to be that awful. The teacher was annoying during the hair incident, but he seemed to come around too. Mrs. Lynde was even a little endearing to me. Diana's mom was quite prickly. So I guess I'l say her! 

5 .What was your favorite scene and why?

I love the scene in the pond/river where the boat started sinking and Gilbert rescues her. It's the best thing ever. Also, the very end of the book where she ends up talking to Gilbert by the gate and realizes that time flies by without her knowing it. I'm bugged we weren't part of that conversation!

6. What did you think about the last third of the book and why?

We did seem to fly through the years pretty fast. But I loved the last bit just as much as the first. I enjoy seeing Anne change and grow up a bit. I love how she is ready to pay back what's been given her, and stay to help Marilla. I love how she realizes that Gilbert is someone to be considered. It's all great!

I really do want to see how things go with Anne and Gilbert in the next book. But there are a ton of other things I need/want to read right now, so we'll see.

Thanks for a fun read along!


  1. I'm bugged we weren't part of the conversation with Anne and Gilbert too. I guess we really don't get to be a part of their friendship until Anne of Avonlea. Oh well, I guess. Great answers to the other questions too. Thanks for cohosting with me. :D

  2. YES. I wanted SO badly to know what Anne and Gil talked about in that convo!

    Also you described Matthew perfectly. “Quiet strength” and how he loved Anne “from the minute she opened her mouth”. For a man who was scared of women and girls, it’s kind of amazing that he fell so quickly. But that’s just the irresistibility of Anne I suppose. :)

    This was such a fun read-along! Turns out I love Anne as much as I remembered I did. Thanks again for helping to host! Y’all did a great job. :)

  3. it's true, we don't get much glimpse of Gilbert, which is kind of disappointing but we know he likes Anne, there's no doubt, I don't think.

    oh yes, the scene at the end where Anne and Gilbert are talking, I guess it would be nice to know what they said but it's probably nothing special and yet, it would be special simply because it's Anne and Gilbert. there really is no scenes of them just talking and getting to know each other, I guess during this moment, they got to do that for a bit which is very nice.

    this seems to be a quicker re-read for me even though the stretch of the reading time, I actually remember quite a lot of things that I thought I didn't.

    thanks to you, Suey and Jenni and Kami for hosting this read along.

    have a lovely day.

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed your reread.

  5. I just finished book 5. I would totally recommend continuing the series. I have really enjoyed listening to this series on audiobook. I have always wanted to read the series, but never got around to it. I'm glad I'm finally reading it.

  6. Lots of love for the Gilbert rescuing Anne in the river scene. I need to get my answers up.



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