Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Kdrama Review: I Hear Your Voice

Drama: I Hear Your Voice
Genre: court drama with a touch of supernatural
Starring: Lee Jong Suk, Lee Bo Young, Yoon Sang Hyun
Rating: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

The touch of supernatural mentioned above is that our main dude can hear people's thoughts. Which can make life pretty interesting. Mostly he just goes around with headphones on in order to cope.

But the drama starts when he's a kid and he witnesses his dad's murder. There's also another couple of witnesses, a girl and her "friend." At the trial, they have to decide if they will come forward to testify and thus put this terrible dude in jail. One ends up coming forward and one doesn't.

Well, then they all grow up! The girl who came forward is now a public defender, and the other girl is a prosecutor. They end up sort of working together. And our boy is a senior in high school. (He's like 10 years younger than our main girl. Which makes things especially interesting!)

Well, and so all their paths cross again. And our girl ends up figuring out that our boy can read minds, and so she loves having in the court room with her. But more than that, she just starts loving him. Awkward. 
LOL! He makes a pretty good non smiley face too!

There are several different cases we are privy to, but mostly, it's about this terrible dude who is now out of prison and is coming for his revenge. Scary stuff, really. 

Sigh, it's already been too long since I watched this to remember the details! Gah, teach me to get behind! 

I just know that the all the court stuff tends to get boring for me after awhile... I mean at first it's interesting and then it's not. Like there's a fine line for me!

But of course I totally enjoyed the sweet romance. Which at first as I said, felt a little weird and then I was totally rooting for them. It's just, I really love Lee Jong Suk and he needs to smile a lot in these dramas, you know? 

I prefer the smile though.

Things get very intense towards the end when all this stuff is getting wrapped up. Crazy stuff!

Anyway, here's a fan made trailer that I really quite enjoy! It portrays the intense-ness much better than I can!

And a song from the drama:



  1. I could go for this one. I like courtroom scenes.

  2. I'm really happy that you watched this drama and that you enjoyed it since it's my favorite. One thing I liked about Soo ha's mind reading is the fact that it's of very little help for him through out the series instead his mind reading ability is something that seems to keep him isolated from others and is something that is used against by Min Joon guk who makes him look crazy after he taunts Soo ha in his mind by does nothing outward which makes Soo ha's response to him seem irrational.

    I really loved all the backstory we got in the first episode both because it gave us a connection for Hye sung and Soo ha and introduced a villain that remains very threatening throughout the series. I also like that the backstory showed us both that Hye sung does care more about justice and other people in general than she lets on in the present and shows us the reason that she became as jaded as she is at the start of the series. I like that the backstory also showed us why Hye sung and Do yeon dislike each other so much and that it shows us the close relationship Hye Sung has with her mom which makes us invested in that relationship and makes what happens later on in the series all the more painful.

    I really love that Hye sung pretty destroys the idealize version of herself that Soo ha built up in his head within minutes of them re-meeting each other but then of course of the first half of the series he begins to get to know the real very flawed version of her better and falls in love with her all over again. Another thing I love is that Hye sung and Soo ha end up living together throughout most of the series and even though that is something that should be a bit awkward it's something that seems to feel natural to the two of them and I just love how cute and domestic they are.

    I really didn't have a problem with the court cases because I felt like most of them were connected well enough with character development that didn't really feel boring to me but I hear a lot of other people had issues with the court cases as well. I agree that the last few episodes were intense but actually feel like the mid point was the most intense part of the series both because so much happened and the fact that are main characters ended up loosing so much during that time.



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