Sunday, August 6, 2017

Our Monsta X Concert Experience: Beautiful in L.A. July 23, 2017

So it's been two weeks. And we are still thinking about it. Seeing Monsta X live. Guys. It was awesome.

We (Toto and I) arrived on Friday evening, after a tiny little plane ride, and met up with Megs at the airport. In the shuttle ride to the hotel, we discovered the other passenger was also there for Monsta X! Instant bonding!!

That evening we walked to a local hamburger joint and that was interesting, but at least we weren't hungry anymore. Then we spent the evening signing the backs of Monsta X pictures that we had printed and planned to pass out at the concert. We had a blast just doing that!

The next day we spent the day exploring LA. First we found a laundromat where the kpop group SEVENTEEN filmed a music video. I thought Toto would die of excitement just being at that laundromat! LOL! Then we spent money at our favorite kpop music store, Choice Music. Those guys there are awesome! Then we headed to Santa Monica to hang out and people watch. We thought maybe the Monsta X guys would be there (because in the past for both SHINee and BTS, the band went to Santa Monica the day before the concert!) but after we got there we learned they had just landed at the airport. Oh, well. It was fun to walk around and see the street performers and get pizza.

Soon, we got tired and went back to the hotel to hang out and do some reactions for the channel together.

You can see all that in this video if you want the visual!

We heard that people were already lined for the concert on Saturday, but we didn't arrive until the next morning at about 10:00 am. And yes the line was already huge. So we joined the party where we stayed for the next ten hours! We spent the time making friends with everyone, interviewing for the channel, passing out the pictures and basically having a ton of fun. We lucked out and ended up in the shade much of the day, so yay for that. I think I might have died otherwise. It was hot!!

Because of our ticket status, we were able to bypass much of the line and get ahead of most of the other GA people Yay for that too! And finally, they let us in! We ended up with a pretty good spot in the pit on the floor, where we stood for the next nearly hour before the concert actually started. That was the hardest part of the whole day.

But finally it started! And for two and a half hours, we totally forgot about hot, and standing and hungry. Just sang and danced and laughed and screamed.  A lot! They were so awesome. So totally lived up to the expectation. We loved every minute.

Afterwards, those of us with the high touch (getting to high five the band afterwards) were lined up in this big huge line where we waited again, but not for long. Pretty soon that line was moving and before we knew it, it was our turn to file past the boys and high five them! It was so fast! And so frustrating. But also so worth it! It was basically an opportunity to just see them up close, grab their hand for a split second and say thank you. Ah. Yeah. We did that.

Back at the hotel, it took us two more hours (until 2:00 am) to calm down and go to sleep. And then the next morning we headed back to the airport... waited again for a long time... and finally got home! And then we thought about the concert and relived it for days.

Here's the video we made of the concert and the high touch (well, audio of the high touch) and at the end, you'll see a lovely slide show of the awesome still shots. Guys, we were so close!

And if you are interested in the fun interviews of fellow fans, here's that video:

So yeah. These guys. They are for sure one of our favorites. I hope we can see them again sometime!

Up next for our kpop adventure: KCON... we'll be heading back to LA in two weeks! AH!!!!


  1. I'm glad you guys had fun! :D You're definitely filling your kpop bucket!

  2. This one sounds like the most fun so far because of your proximity and getting to high five them. That's awesome!

    1. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Instead of "Oh my gosh they are real" (as seen from the balcony little specks dancing on a stage) it was "OH MY GOSH!!! THEY ARE REAL AND LIFE SIZE!!!! AND JUST AS CHARISMATIC AND BEAUTIFUL AS IN ALL THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS!!!!" sigh... They sky rocketed to my top three for sure!!!!



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