Friday, September 9, 2016

A Report on Comic Con September 2016

This was the Comic Con that I wondered the whole week or two before why I was even going. It seemed to be too much and way too stressful and not really that worth it and.... why why why was I even going????

In the end though, it was all pretty fun and I remembered why I go... the energy.... the energy is amazing and the crazy atmosphere is just to die for. I love it, even if it's stressful and exhausting and expensive!


We got there a bit late since I had to work and the girls couldn't leave school early this time. Sadly, the biggest event of the con happened Thursday morning when they rented out the huge arena and had both Mark Hamill and William Shatner do Q and A presentations back to back in the morning. It was painful to miss those and I had to block it out of my head. Sigh.

Anyway, we finally got there and no issues getting Sangi's wristband which I sort of worried about, but our VIP status worked in our favor for that. And then we split up and they went to a World of Warcraft panel while I saw the girl from Arrow. Then they joined me for The Dukes of Hazard and Billy Boyd, both of which was wonderful. But Billy Boyd sang and it made me feel so much better! And made up for the fact that I'd missed Luke Skywalker earlier that day. Sigh. He, Billy Boyd, was so funny and his voice is amazing. I loved it.
The Dukes

Billy Boyd

We found James Dashner and got a picture.

Also a picture with Benedict!

We wandered the vendor floor for a bit after that and then got a Crown Burger which is turning into a comic con tradition.


We waited until the kids were done with school again, but they had early out so we could leave by noon which meant we got there by 1:00 which meant we caught Henry Winkler. He was awesome. Then we stayed for Evanna Lynch who played Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter. She was fun. Mellow. Quiet-ish. After that we had our photo op with Manu Bennett. Ah. He's... awesome looking!

With Manu

We also stopped and talked to Chistorpher Gorham and got an autograph for Jenni Elyse.

After that, we hung out on the floor, shopped, had snacks, rested up a bit and then went to a Star Wars panel where we all promptly fell asleep. So, we left when that was over and went to get kpop fries which are THE BEST!

Kpop fries and Bumblebees BBQ grill! So good!


We got there in time for the first panel at 10 but not in time to get a very good seat. We were up close, but way to the side. It ended up being okay. We stayed in that same spot until 5:00 pm!!! Here was the line up of celebrities that came through;

  • Michael Rooker aka. Merle from The Walking Dead.. and he was amazing and so funny and worked the crowd like crazy.
  • Famke Janssen who I didn't really know though she has been in a gazillion things
  • Xander and Anya from Buffy.... they were pretty funny.
  • Stephen Amell and David Ramsey from Arrow... and they were awesome!
  • Lennie James aka. Morgan from The Walking Dead... loved him too.
  • then we waited an hour for the next panel because he was late.. again!!!
  • Ian Somerhader from Vampire Diaries. He is fun but... a little strange. I don't know... he's just.. a little strange.

He called Chris Pratt.. no biggie.

Our home for hours.

Xander is my favorite on Buffy.

These guys from Arrow are the best!

It's Morgan!!!
(later at the photo op he walked past us and Toto almost stepped on him) 

Ian aka Damen

We finally did a picture with some cosplayers while waiting in the photo op line.

He's so cute!
And the night ended with stories!

Finally, we left the ballroom and got food then had our photos with Billy Boyd. YAY!!! We shopped just a bit after that and then left to head to a Timpanogos Storytelling event back at home!

What a day!
What a weekend!
Exhausting and tons of fun!


  1. What a whirlwind of a time. But, I'm glad you had a good time even if you did miss Mark Hamill. I think Billy Boyd would've made it up for me too. :) Thanks for the video of him. Love his accent!!! And, thank you a million times forever for my autograph!!!

  2. PS--That's kind of funny (and frustrating) that Ian Somerholder was late again, lol.

  3. I don't think I could camp out in the ballroom like you do. I would get SO sick of sitting in there. Too bad you missed Hamill and Shatner. I heard it was awesome! We went on Saturday for a while. It was fun!

  4. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to all of it, but I’m glad you still had fun. I finally went this year and I agree the energy of the fans and the stars is great. I loved the Billy Boyd panel. :)

    1. Amy: You were there???? Yes, the Billy Boyd panel was my favorite of the whole con.

  5. Looks like fun! It's funny those cosplayers dressed up like that -- that two-part episode creeped me out completely. I'm never watching Dr. Who again!

  6. Wow! Crazy! One of these days I'd love to go with. Billy Boyd singing would have had me in tears!

    1. Jenny: The chills. I mean. Yeah. It was amazing.



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