Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break in Red Rock Country Utah

For spring break weekend, we went on a rare camping adventure with extended family down to southern Utah were the rocks are red and the air is warm. Here are a few pictures of the highlights.

Sunset in the desert

The setting sun colors the rocks even redder. It's awesome.

The view on our drive through Grand Staircase Monument

Nephews and Grandpa

There is still snow at Bryce Canyon!

The iconic Bryce Canyon shot!

Another from Bryce Canyon

Shakespeare's Arch in Kodachrome State Park

Finding a geocache.

Pondering the view on our hike/walk

The whole crowd at Chimney Rock in Kodachrome State Park.
The sky killed me that day.

My view as I lay reading in the trailer.

The view from the campground as night descends.

The road into the campground.


  1. We've made two trips to Bryce and one to Zion, Arches is next. Southern Utah is incredible.

    1. MacnJanet: Arches is my favorite out of them all! Be sure to do a sunset hike. Breathtaking!

  2. Fun! I hear the stargazing is the best as Bryce. I haven't been to Bryce, but I've been to Zion and Arches.

    1. Kami: YES! Tori took time lapsed star pictures. When we can get our Photoshop to work again, I'm sure you'll see them on her Instagram.

  3. Looks beautiful and like you had a great time. I've actually never been to Bryce Canyon. I need to go, obviously, but I'm not a camping fan. I guess I need to get over that to enjoy the beauty there. Did you go with Stuart's family? Is "Grandpa" his dad?

    1. Jenni: Yes, that is Stuart's dad. And you can go to Bryce without camping, there are tons of hotels in the area. :)

  4. Beautiful pics. I'm glad it warmed up for you guys.

  5. Beautiful! Looks like it was a wonderful trip.

  6. Great photos! I drove through Utah on the way to Vegas from Denver and it was stunning. My trip ended up taking a few hours longer because I kept stopping to take photos. We have red rocks here and we head out to take in the view from time to time.

  7. Look at that empty road leading to your camping spot! It looks like you had the place to yourselves! Beautiful pictures!



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