Sunday, September 28, 2014

Currently: Pumpkins and Kitties

(as written on Saturday evening)

My brother's pumpkin patch.
We bought a few at his Harvest Party.

Listening: to my Imagine Dragons station on Pandora. I'm sort of in the mood to blast something, but it's kinda late.

Watching: watched a few season premieres this week. Parenthood and Survivor. Caught up on Outlander. Need to still watch the new Amazing Race, and tomorrow hopefully we'll see Once Upon a Time. Ah, TV is back! Now to keep up on it all!

Reading: I just finished Cruel Beauty. Interesting book. Not sure how to review this one! Maybe I'll finish The Letters this weekend. It's a tiny book, but has been put on the back burner and is taking me forever to finish.

Writing: Sigh. I'm so frustrated. I want to do this thing so bad, but I'm constantly second guessing myself. Constantly. I must get over that somehow. I have a new writing space though! So now I HAVE to keep writing stuff! I will show you pictures soon, I have a couple more things to add to it and then... pictures!

Blogging: Bloggiesta went well. I had fun running things, but I didn't end up with much time to actually work on my own blog. I don't know what's up with blogging these days, but something is off for me. Ugh.

Eating: Two plus months tracking what I eat and not one pound lost. I need to fit in the exercising more, but I've been doing it more than I was, so there's that. And still... nothing. I want to give up.

Crafting: I should delete this category...

Mika the new kitty!

  • We got a kitten! To kill mice. And to inspire stories. And to cuddle while reading. And to make us crazy I think too. It's been 2 1/2 years since our other cat died. I guess it was time to embark on the journey with another one. We named her Mika after the French singer we've been enjoying of late. But I still tend to just call her Kitty.
  • Went to see Laini Taylor today. She who authored the most awesome trilogy that starts with Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I loved loved loved the writing in these books and what do you know... she struggles! She agonizes! She stresses! She takes days on one paragraph! And here I just thought it poured out of her! (I'm sure it still does more often than not. I mean... have you READ her stuff?) Anyway, I wanted to fangirl a little but I maintained composure. I think. Perhaps I'll write more on what she had to say later, if anyone is interested.
  • Wow, but it rained today! Loved it!
  • I think I've told you everything else that's been going on around here.
Laini Taylor. She really does have pink hair. :)


  1. Love that you got a kitty. Mine are both very old and it will take me a long long time to get another one once they pass. Cats bring so much joy to our lives for such a short period. I just wish mine would live 60 years. Maybe I need a bird.. they live 60 years.

    1. Angela: We have a bird too and the thought of him out living us is crazy! I wonder who'll take him on? :)


  2. Wow, Laini's hair is so vibrant ! I'm a fan of her first two books (I'm reading the last) I'd love to hear what she said.

    1. Jess: I will try to remember all the cool things she said and do a little recap. :)

  3. Yeah - wow, that is really pink hair! Your new kitty is adorable! We never had a non-caged pet until a couple of years ago when my son brought his cats home with him. Now I'm pretty attached to them and can't imagine that we won't get another one when these are gone. But oh, that kitten stage - I'm not sure I'm home for that! Don't give up on your eating/exercising! Even if you're not losing weight, you're doing good things for your body.

    1. Lisa; Cats are so good for a cozy ambiance. Once they pass this kitten stage though. Oh my word, but she is spastic! Thanks for the encouraging words regarding the ongoing healthy battle!

  4. Awww! Mika is so cute! I'm excited for you. I'm sure she'll be a ton of fun to have around :)



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