Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Movie Review: Xmen: Days of Future Past

Movie: Xmen: Days of Future Past
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy
Rating: PG13
My Rating: Two thumbs up

I'm a late bloomer regarding the Xmen thing. I think I missed the first several movies but then caught up to them on DVD. But the last few I've been right there when they came out! This one sort of slipped under my radar until my sister came to visit and said, hey, we should see Xmen! I thought, yeah, we should actually!

This one is about how the guys of current Xmen days are facing a huge problem. The bad guys have taken Mystique's DNA and created a weapon out of it. The only way they can think to stop this is to go back in time at the moment when she (Mystique) kills the bad guy and stop her. You'd think killing the bad guy would be good, but no, it sets in motion the events that cause her to be captured whereupon her DNA is stolen!

Well, the only guy that can handle the going back in time procedure is Logan aka. Wolverine. So, he does...and we suddenly find ourselves in the awesome 70s when Charles has lost his power and is a drunken recluse being tending by Beast. It's very sad, but Wolverine convinces him to help and off they go to stop Mystique.

Of course it's not easy and stuff happens and it by the end, all your nails will be bitten off! Yep. Intense! And that dumb old Magneto messes everything up like usual, even though in the future (or the current?) he is trying to help.

So, yes, of course I loved it! The action was AWESOME! And everything else. I love Beast. And I'm intrigued by Warpath. We need more of him, okay? And, ah, they are all so cool. Oh, and a new character... Quicksilver! I think he's new anyway? Yes? No? Anyway... he was the BEST! There is scene... just... yes... so so good!

Here's the trailer for those interested:


  1. looking forward to seeing this one... Natalya saw it the other day and the only thing she really harped on not caring for was Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. I like her as an actress period, so I'm hoping it is just the daughter... she went on about Quick Silver as well. I think he is supposed to be more of a character in the next film (and I believe Avengers is also supposed to have a Quick Silver (where their universe collides)). Natalya also liked Beast...

    ~L (omphaloskepsis)

  2. I have liked all these movies..I just need to see it :) Love the magneto /professor X bromance :)

  3. I cannot wait to see this movie. I actually think it is my most anticipated movie of the summer (followed by How to Train a Dragon 2). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is still showing after we move and have someone to watch our kids. I need to see this!! X-Men is my fave of all superhero movies!!

    1. Tif: Keeping my fingers crossed for you too!

  4. I have sworn off X-Men movies forever! They are HORRIBLE! They ruined everything!! That trailer looks dumb.

    Quicksilver is not new. He has been around since the 60s. His sister is Scarlet Witch. They are Magneto's children.

    1. Kami: Quicksilver... new to the movies anyway. I guess it helps to not know anything about them previous to the movies, eh?



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