Sunday, June 8, 2014

Currently: Coming Home

(Written on Saturday evening, our last day on vacation. Coming home tomorrow, back to reality.)

Listening: Random playlists on my iPod.

Watching: At this very moment, we are sitting in a hotel in Las Vegas (well, technically Henderson) waiting for Ghost Adventures to start so we can see the Whaley House, which we just visited in San Diego, being featured. We excited! We want to hear all the stories!

Reading: I've read quite a bit on this vacation. Currently, I'm in the middle of The False Princess for book club. But I loved reading the latest from Kasie West, On the Fence, which comes out in July.

Writing: Not doing well here. Still working on editing the Nano project. I go in spurts. I'm hoping to have a big spurt this coming week!

Blogging: Survived Armchair BEA. I was pretty active for the first part of the week, but then had to get ready and then leave for vacation the second part. I didn't visit many blogs, sadly. Maybe I'll catch up to a few.

Eating: Oh my word, eating on vacation as been terrible and wonderful! We've had British, Italian, French, Mexican, Greek, Japanese and Chinese! And lots of American hamburgers too! And fudge from Old Town!

Crafting: What? Crafting? What's that?

Miscellaneous Vacation Notes:
  • We survived a day in Disneyland. I could never do three or five days like most people do. But we kept track of the rides we rode... it came to 20 which meant it cost us $5 a ride. Worth it? Or no?
  • San Diego is an awesome city. We love that place!
  • We visited the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. That was awesome too.
  • We saw Edge of Tomorrow instead of The Fault in Our Stars.
  • We walked on the beach only for a minute.
  • We spent a day at the zoo. Love the zoo there.
  • Las Vegas is HOT. San Diego is PERFECT!
  • There's some really weird shiny things in the middle of the desert. They will blind you. Just outside of Las Vegas. Be warned if you are driving that direction.
  • Using was great again! Nice apartment in the Old Town neighborhood! Better than hotels.
Well, enough of what I've been doing. What have you all been up to?

Panoramic view from Cabrillo National Monument

Our apartment for the week.

The back of the haunted Whaley House.

Eating Dole Whip at Disneyland.

On the beach.
Old Town San Diego
Sunset in Las Vegas
Fountains at the Belagio
Becoming a soldier at the Mormon Battalion Center

The baby panda is getting big!
The shiny things in the desert!


  1. Sounds like you packed a lot of good fun and yummy cuisine into your vacation. For me, vacation eating is at least half the fun! LOL. Was Edge of Tomorrow any good? My mom and I were thinking of seeing it.

    As for me, I've been busy working, and when not working, I've been busy acquiring books. I wish that last part said, busy *reading* books, but alas, I have a problem. Argh!

    1. Megan: I really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow. I'll review it here soon hopefully!

  2. Wow!! You have been to a LOT of different places in a short amount of time and it looks like you are having so much fun. What's this Airbnb? I've never heard of it before and you've got me curious!!

    1. Tif: Airbnb is an online place where you can search for people who rent out their apartments (or homes) to tourists (I'm guessing it's usually tourists anyway). We discovered them and used them last year in Europe. So far, we've had a wonderful experience. I'm sure there are other companies that do the same thing too.

  3. Your trip sounds like so much fun! We usually rent condos when we travel; with a family it is so much cheaper and nice to have the room to move around. San Diego is great but I can't believe you spent so little time on the beach!

    1. Lisa: I know! We aren't huge beach people, but I do love it all the same. I'd just like to sit in a comfortable chair and read.. feel the breeze and listen to the waves. But... alas... this scenario never happens. :(

  4. Love the pictures! Now I'm really curious - what ARE those shiny things in Las Vegas? And I'm so impressed you read a lot while on vacation. I always pack a lot of books (well, at least pre-ebooks I did!) with lots of good intentions, but usually return home having read very little.

    1. Belle: Usually I don't get much reading done either, but it worked out this time! And as for the shiny things, I looked them up but can't spit back the info to you as I didn't really understand much! Some sort of solar experiment!

  5. Oooh, I love San Diego. It has the perfect weather and such beautiful scenery. Glad you guys enjoyed it :)

    1. Susan: Definitely one of my favorite places.

  6. That Dole Whip is SOOOOO good! Now that you are back, when are we going to go see The Fault in Our Stars?

    1. Kami: I saw some where that Lagoon now has the Dole Whip. Cool. And I want to see the movie on Saturday evening/night after Tori gets home from girls camp! :)



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