Sunday, April 6, 2014

Currently: Stuff Is Happening!

(as written on Saturday sometime... I've no idea when exactly)

Listening: to LDS general conference, at this very moment one of my favorite church songs. Also, the boys are jamming down in the basement, practicing actually, since they have a gig tonight.

Watching: This week, more Walking Dead, two episodes left to finish season three and I'm freaking out. Also, more Amazing Race (did I tell you that Dave of the Dave and Conner team tweeted me back? Yeah, that was awesome) and Survivor (that was a killer tribal council this past week!) and Parenthood. Shows I've let fall to the wayside, Revenge and Vampire Diaries. It happens.

Reading: Started Words of Radiance and am well into it now, back to loving Kaladin. Finished Ruins. It was awesome. Finished The Distance Between Us. It was awesome. Finished Noggin. It was also awesome. AWESOME BOOKS I tell you!

Writing: Revised again chapters one through four and let some people read them. Response is good. Still so much to fix. This week, I'll work on revising maybe four more chapters and sharing them. Also wrote two fun prompts for writing group. Enjoyed that a lot too. Joined Camp Nanowrimo, not sure what I'm going to accomplish with that except to actually finish the original Nano book and maybe add some content.. some new chapters inside. Read some chapters of several other writing group members. I think I'm starting to get the hang of the critiquing thing just a bit better. Maybe just a bit.

Blogging: Finished up Bloggiesta last week! Woot! That was a fun one guys! :) Will be starting to help with Armchair BEA any day now. Talk about a huge project that event is.(Oh and by the way, we have a Google+ community for that now. You should join!) Started the A to Z blogging project this past week, which totally proves how crazy I really am.

Eating: Whoppers malted eggs.

Wedding: Almost ready to push the button on ordering invitations, will pay off the dress today, hired a flower consultant, plan to go scout out cake possibilities later today, and buy a scrapbook. Umm.... I also need to buy a dress. And... oh... about a gazillion other things. We are down to a month away until wedding number 2 and I'm feeling it.

  • I'm official at work now. After five and half years I they gave me my own login and email. :)
  • I'm blown away at how much a wedding cake costs.
  • I'm wondering if I can learn how to punch our punching bag. I think there's more to it than just slamming a fist into the thing.
  • It's time to start thinking about a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for my parents. That's the next event AFTER wedding #2 is over!
  • I really wish I could get in the car and drive somewhere faraway. I need to go go go.
  • There's more, but I can't remember what.
See you around! I'll be here all week!


  1. wow congrats and you sound very busy :) Yes listening to conference too and Cadbury eggs . I finally saw the book thief and the feelings .

  2. That's a hunky picture of Kaladin! I've started reading and loving Words of Radiance too :)

    1. Katie: You are reading this book? We should talk! How far are you into it now?

  3. Yay for Easter candy and Conference! Although I slept through both afternoon sessions... I'm constantly impressed with how much you're able to accomplish. Seriously. It is impressive. I'm excited to read more of your chapters!

    1. Kathy: I'm going to work on them (the chapters) and get them to you soon!

  4. A month away!! Think about how much you'll be able to exhale when it's all over. Wow! And yes, those robin eggs. I can't buy them because I'll eat the entire package. I have NO control when it comes to those things!

    Hope you have a great week Suey!

    1. Trish: Thanks! Yes, it will be such a relief to have things done. But like I said, then... parents anniversary and family reunions will be next on the list. But hopefully not as stressful.



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