Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A to Z Blogging: ZUSAK!

I had plenty of Z ideas for the A to Z Challenge, but yeah, I'm still going with Zusak after all... Markus Zusak that is!

And how did I miss these videos that he did for Banned Book Week last year? I've not been as good a fangirl as I thought I was! So anyway, I'm sharing them now. Watch and swoon.

This first one is our favorite author telling us why he loves reading and why he feels it's important to have the freedom to read:

And in this one, he talks about his favorite book growing up, The Outsiders, and then he reads the first little bit.


 Yes agree MZ,  I bet S. E. Hinton would die if she heard that! In a good swoony, I've-gone-to-heaven sort of way! :)


We need another Zuask book.


  1. Great post for the letter 'Z' :) Congrats on getting through the whole challenge-we did it yaaay!!

  2. Why am I not surprised? Does he just keep getting better and better looking? I think so.

  3. Ha! I know you'd go with him in the end. And, why wouldn't you? He's hot and he has an awesome accent!

  4. Thanks for this post and these videos! I need to share them with my composition students--and you're right--we need another Zusak book! -Katie

  5. I knew I loved his books, but I didn't know he was one of those swoon-worthy YA authors!



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