Saturday, March 1, 2014

Reading Recap February 2014

Wait, what? I only read four books this month? I guess maybe I've been doing other things? And to think I had such high expectations for this month. Well, it was fun to try.

Here's the books I fit in:

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton: a grandma and her granddaughter both go on individual searches for what happened to the grandma in her childhood.

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White: Annie and Fia are determined to take down the bad guy who started the special school for girls... which isn't so special.

The Shadow Throne by Jennifer A. Nielsen: Jaron has to rise up to the title of king to figure out how best to fight the war threatening his kingdom.

Dangerous by Shannon Hale: Maisie Danger Brown goes to space camp a normal one armed girl and leaves as a super hero!

Lots of fun books here. I can't pick a favorite! Even with only the four books this month, it really has been a great reading month.

On to March!

Plans for March:

  • finish Panic for review. 
  • start and finish Death Sworn for review.
  • read The Enchanted for a blog tour
  • read Visible City by Tova Mirvis for review.
  • THEN read Evertrue!
  • Read Laughing Boy: A Navajo Love Story for research.
  • Read Roomies before it's due at the library. Hopefully I can renew once!
  • Read one book from my new LTUE book stack.
  • Read Countess Below Stairs for book club.
Sheesh. Can I do it? And host a wedding and host Bloggiesta (March 27-30.. BE THERE!) and plan another wedding? And keeping fixing my Nano book? And .... I forget what else....maybe sleep here and there.



  1. Good luck with everything on your plate this month!

  2. Holy crap March is going to be crazy for you. Hang in there. And hey, at least the books you did read in February were all good right?

  3. I'm reading "Dangerous" now.

  4. I only read 4 books in February too!! I'm hoping for many more in March. You have a LOT of stuff going on this month!! Best of luck in all of it!! I will be thinking about you!!



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