Thursday, March 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Misc. Book Thoughts for the Day TAKE TWO

I woke up this morning wondering what I could post today. Then I thought about how it seems like the Throwback Thursday meme is so big and widespread lately. Not just on Instagram, but everywhere, so I wondered if someone was already doing a Throwback Thursday sort of blogging meme, and sure enough. I found one! In fact I think today is the first day! Great minds think alike, eh? I found it over on Tanya's blog called Mom's Small Victories. The idea there is simply to link up an old post to give it more love.

However, I want to go further and take an old post, show it to you and then "update it"... sort of. Make a new post that discusses and old post. Something like that. I thought it would be fun to start doing something like this as part of my "wow I've been at this blogging thing for seven years next week!" celebration. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

So I looked over some old posts... really old posts. Wow. That's a trip. And here's one I wrote on September 7, 2007:

Misc. Book Thoughts for the Day

What I'm thinking today, regarding books anyway:

  • I need to read one other Markus Zusak book.... Underdog. It's on Amazon for a mere $80! What's up with that? Out of print already? Rare, and collectible? Hmmmm.....
  • Like I mentioned in a previous post, I'm starting to gather a bunch of YA books to read over the next few weeks for the book fair. I hope I find some great ones!
  • Bud is getting off to a good start in his AP English class and has read Animal Farm, and The Lord of the Flies so far. Next up is Robinson Crusoe.
  • I'm so excited for my book club in a couple of weeks! We'll be talking about Stephenie Meyer's books and every one is buzzing! I hope to have a ton of people here.
  • When will the next Eragon and the next Inkheart books be out? I'm going to go crazy!
  • I decided to make good use of my Amazon Wishlist this coming holiday season, something I've not really done before. It will be interesting to see if it is beneficial. Do you think someone will buy me the Underdog book? I'm going to put a bunch of piano/music books on there too I think.
I guess that's all of my main book thoughts for today!
Have a great weekend people!


And now... my current comments on my old post:

1. Yes, I had come into my Markus Zusak infatuation by this time! Little did I know how it would TAKE OVER!

2. Ah, so GLAD that they re-printed Underdog so I could get my hands on my very own copy and read it! Lovely little story, the introduction to a sweet character named Cameron Wolfe.

3. Ah.. reading books for the book fair! The good old days! I loved doing that. I saw someone the other day who is still over there at the elementary school doing book fair and it sounds like all is well. I do wonder, however, if someone gathers a bunch of books to read ahead of time in order to talk them up to the kids. I wonder.

4. I next talk about Bud and his AP English class. This is the son who is GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! I don't think he's read a book for fun for.... I would say years now. This is a very sad thing. I wonder if his life will calm down sometime in order for him to feel like he can read a book again.

5. Ah book club and our excitement over the Twilight books! Wow, things have changed with that now, have they not? To be excited about Twilight now... oh boy. Anyway, we did have one book club member back at that meeting in 2007 (okay it was JENNY!) who came and threw all of her Stephenie Meyer books on the floor and announced, "I hate these books. If you want them, you can take them!" I will never forget that moment!

6. Being excited about Eragon and Inkheart! That seems so forever ago! I loved them though.

7. Ah, the Amazon wishlist. I use it for my own wishing, but haven't really shared it much for others to use to get me things. It's a strange feeling doing that I guess.

Fun look back! I think I will have to do this again sometime! Not sure if it will be every Thursday, but maybe. We'll see!

Do you have an old post you'd like to share? Link up over at Mom's Small Victories!


  1. I am not surprised that Throwback Thursday has spread into blogging. Even the guy has noticed the trend and has started using old pictures on Facebook. haha. What a fun look-back! I hope your sons wedding is fabulous!

  2. This is such a fun idea! It's hilarious to look at the things you were thinking about back then. Especially because of how much has changed.

    I did not "throw" the books on the floor. I still maintain that I set them nicely on the floor and offered them to anyone who wanted them. ;)

  3. That is so great! I love how you updated the post. Funny how tastes change. And well, as for Twilight, I couldn't get through the first book. Glad your Markus Zusak's infatuation hasn't changed. I have still only read The Book Thief but I do want to read his others...someday. congrats to your son! May he and his bride have many happy years together.

    Thanks for linking up your post with Throwback Thursday and the shout out. I was so excited to see I had a link back!! Hope you link up again next week. I am pinning and sharing!!

    I updated my

  4. This was so fun to read!! But the really funny thing is how far behind I am! I am only now getting into Zusak, and I finally hope to finish up the Inkheart and Eragon trilogies this year!!



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