Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Readathon!

Sadly, I won't be joining in with the readathon fun this go around. I'm off making family memories instead. But I AM reading... a bit. Here's what I'm working on, or almost working on, which would be what I'd be reading if I WAS doing the readathon,

Good luck to everyone today with all your reading goals!


  1. I will miss reading with you!
    But have a super day with the family.

  2. We'll miss you today! I noticed that Shusterman novel. I know he's going to be coming back for an author visit next month, right? Too cool! Have fun today with whatever fun you're having. :)

  3. Didn't you skip the last one too? I did. :( I wish I could have participated. Next time I'm going to really try. Have fun on the remainder of your trip!

  4. Jeffery Deaver is always a good choice.



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