Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Review: Feedback by Robison Wells

Book: Feedback by Robison Wells
Genre: YA Dystopian-ish
Rating:★ ★ ★ ☆☆
From: bought at the launch party the other week
For: fun and supporting local authors

I was so excited for this book! What a cliffhanger Variant left us on! I mean, he walked in and there was... and we thought... and then we wondered... what? And then.... bam ... it ended!

So it was with much anticipation that I picked up this next book, which by the way, is the last. It's just the two of them, no trilogy. Weird, I know.

Now, how to review this book without spoilers for Variant? I think there is no way, so BEWARE, SPOILERS AHEAD... for Variant anyway. I'll try to keep from spoiling Feedback.

Variant ends when we think that Benson and some of his friends have escaped this weird school they've been housed in all throughout the first book. But we come to learn that instead of escaping, he has just found a sort of  "behind the scenes" place were there are more kids living a rough sort of working life, much different from the school life, and in fact even worse and more hard.

So they hideout there for awhile, hoping that they can still somehow escape for real this time and get help and rescue all the kids. During this time, they learn more and more about what's going on at the school and how everything works.

Still though, nothing makes sense. And before he knows it, he finds himself.... well... sort of back where he started!

While I totally enjoyed the book, I didn't feel completely taken with it like I did the first one. Gah, I hate how that happens sometimes with second books! It was a frustrating story, you know the kind, where you are hoping and hoping that the characters get a break at some point, but they never do, and it's exhausting!

But I enjoyed the twists and the turns and the fact that you still never really know who is what and what is who. It keeps you guessing and hopping and trying to figuring things out. Very fun.

And the end? Wow.. weird!!! Someone who's read it, let's discuss in comments!!

Bottom line: I enjoyed it a lot. Fun story all around.

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