Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekly Geeks 2009.21: Summer Fun

This week for Weekly Geeks we have several options for talking about summer fun. I'm choosing option #2 (with sort of a twist) and I'm going to list fun things we do during the summer.

For us, summer usually consists of the following things:
  • swimming lessons for at least one kid

  • the library summer reading program once a week

  • growing a garden

  • taking the camping trailer to the mountains for a long weekend

  • going on a hike and picnic in the mountains (five min. away from us)

  • a family reunion or two

  • dance tour for JJ

  • working on scout merit badges and/or Eagle projects

  • playing lots of computer games

  • watching lots of movies

  • reading A TON of books! :)

  • a barbecue at every holiday

  • the city's summerfest complete with carnival and wonderful fireworks

  • sleeping in (though what I love is to get up early and do stuff while everyone ELSE is sleeping in)

  • sometimes a bake sale (NOT a Koolaid stand you see)

  • sometimes a real vacation

  • catching up on scrapbooking and quilting

  • working harder on home improvement projects

  • working harder on teaching kids how to cook and/or do laundry

  • church camps and scout camps for teenagers

  • space camp for one boy

Ah summer. Sometimes I really dread it, but sometimes it's nice too.

So what do YOU spend your summers doing?


  1. One kid in preschool, another in summer camp. New job for DH and me working. Too much chaos for much summer fun this year.

  2. Summer this year is largely driving my girl to/from gymnastics. She's got two weeks of theater camp (which gets out in time to go to... gymnastics!

    We'll have some reading time, some pool time, more reading time, maybe the beach, some cooking, and more reading time :-).

    What kind of dance tour will your JJ be involved with?

    (I also want to say I LOVE your bio bit!)

  3. I have to sign my girl up for the library program. She enjoyed it last summer. Our garden is doing well.

    That's a great list, btw!

  4. Pussreboots: That doesn't sound like a very fun summer at all. :(

    imbookingit: JJ goes to Florida and does a 1/2 dance show at all the many parks there. It's partnering dancing mostly, and a little Rockette sytle too. She loves it that's for sure. (Glad you like the bio bit... sometimes I wonder about it...)

    Chris: Glad you liked the list. I know I took a little liberty on interpreting the question this time around!



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