Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Bookword Game: Time to Vote!

Okay, so I forgot to post The Bookword poll yesterday!

It could have been that I was gone all day at my brother's wedding and all its festivities.

It could have been that I was worrying more about The Secret Keeper blog tour post.

It could have been that I just plain forgot!

Whatever the reason, here's the Bookword Game poll a day late. This time, we are choosing a word for a book you buy that you forgot you already read/own.

The nominees are:

Whoopsabooksy by Jenny
DupliBook by Arcona
A Double-Trouble book by Joy
AmnesiBook by Bybee
OubliBook by Bibliolatrist
An Unrecollected-Recollected book by John Mutford



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