Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Sunday Salon: Welcome to Alagaesia

Happy Sunday Salon!

Today, whenever I get the chance to read, which I'm afraid won't be often, I plan on burying myself in the world created by Christopher Paolini. Yes, it's all Brisingr and Eragon and Saphira and Roran and Arya for me today. Last night and a bit this morning, I've managed just about 100 pages and so far I love it. This kid's way with words is amazing. Totally amazing. I look forward to the few moments I might manage to steal away and read today.

This coming week is the book fair that I help to make happen. All day Tuesday I'll be talking books with all the kids at the school. My part is to talk to the 4th through 6th grades about the books for "older" kids. My friend will do the younger kids. It makes the day much more doable to share the task. Then we open that afternoon and will be selling books also Wednesday evening and Thursday evening. It's a fun and crazy week. It's like having my own bookstore for a couple of days, however, real life continues to go on (including the new, real, job I'm still getting used to, and kid activities and a play I have tickets for that I forgot about, etc. etc.) which makes things very interesting.

This past week, book wise, I finished Jamaica Inn (loved it) and a went to a rousing F2F book club, after a summer break, where we hardly talked about books! It made me laugh. But we did figure out a who will host when and what books we'll read for the next couple of months.

Oh, also I won a drawing over at Susan's Bloggin' 'bout Books blog! It always amazes when that happens. But I'm very excited because the book sounds like a blast, it's called Don't Know Much About ... Anything Else by Kenneth C. Davis. Thanks Susan!

Also, I need to start preparing for another blog tour coming my way. I read a few pages of the book, The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff, and am already quite drawn into the story. I'm a little nervous about this one though! But it will be fun.

Well, here's hoping for a successful reading day. I wish you all luck likewise and have a wonderful, happy, peaceful Sunday!


  1. I hope you do get to spend time in Paolini's world today!

    Good luck with the book fair! It sounds like it will be a lot of work for you, but fun too.

    I hope you have a great week!

  2. The Paolini is on my list for next week so I'm glad you're enjoying it. I envy your day talking with the children about books. That's just about my favourite thing to do in all the world.

  3. Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun. I know I love being surrounded by books. I also love talking to kids about books...and writing them. :)

    If you are looking for another book to add to your YA pile, please consider my novel Whale Song. It has had such a powerful impact on people's lives. Many schools in Canada are using it, as well as some tutoring centres. It's also a popular book club pick.

    Although Whale Song is marketed as general fiction, it is also YA. My readers range from 7-108.

    Have fun escaping into Paolini's world of fantasy. We all need the escape sometimes. I'm reading SIX SECONDS by Rick Mofina, while sipping a chai tea latte. :)

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
    bestselling author of Whale Song

  4. I loved book one, but I often am disappointed with subsequent volumes when books come in a series.

  5. I just got that Don't Know Much About book! I admit, I might save it for a Christmas present for someone and not review it.



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