Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekly Geeks #22: Archive Digging

The Weekly Geek assignment this time is to find three bloggers you don't know and search their archives and link to an interesting post you find there.

It was fun finding a "new to me" blogger and searching all (well, not all, but some) their posts! Here's the three that I've chosen to spotlight:

Megan at Leafing Through Life ranted way back at the beginning of this year in a post called "If life is a highway, could you point me to the nearest exit." I like rants. Rants make me feel like I'm friends with the person doing the ranting. But this rant ended with a really cool thing, which is that she got a comment by an author. To me, there's nothing more rewarding about book blogging then getting an author comment! So cool.

Darla D at Books and other thoughts has a lot of interesting blog posts and it was hard to choose. But finally, I decided on one called "What ARE Kids Reading?" which links to an interesting article listing kids' top twenty favorite books. Interesting stuff to ponder.

The Edgy Bunny at Books Are King has been doing a fun thing over the years in that he's telling about himself by doing what he calls and alphabiography... in other words he'll pick a letter and do a whole post on something about himself, or something he likes, which starts with that letter. I chose one from way back in January of 2007 where he lists the virtues of owning an iPod. Very fun! However, he's a rare Weekly Geek participant and I think we need to get him out more often. What a fun, quirky blog he has!

Ah, shoot, I think I'm going to have to add these guys to my Reader!

A couple other Weekly Geeks spotlights to check out:

American Bibliophile



  1. Thanks for the link and the comment. :) I should Weekly Geek more often.

  2. I've fallen behind on my Weekly Geeking, too, unfortunately. Thanks for highlighting me - I'd forgotten all about that post! :-p

  3. Thanks for the mention! This was a fun WG, I think I've discovered more new blogs through this one than any other I've participated in.



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