Friday, June 20, 2008

Weekly Geeks #8: Savenger Hunt

The theme this week has been a bit complicated for me. Fun, but complicated! If I'm understanding right, the idea is to find a blog (from the Weekly Geek participants) that has these keywords mentioned in it somewhere. Then we link to that post. And we don't just have the following list of words, but words that continue to be added by those playing. Whew! It could get to be a way long list, and a very nice exercise with the search function I'm thinking. Well, a game's a game, and it sounds fun to try playing anyway.

1. Prize for the most links: Subscription to Bookmarks: Hidden Side of a Leaf

2. youtube: Blue Archipelago

5. Buy a Friend a Book: Book Nut

6. BTT (or Booking Through Thursday): Tiny Little Reading Room

7. omnibus

8. Speculative fiction: Bell Literary Reflection

9. Short stories: Tip of the Iceberg

10. Ani Difranco (or just Ani)

11. Printz

12. Man Booker Prize (or just Booker): An Adventure in Reading

13. Newbery: Things Mean A Lot

14. Mother Talk: Adventures in Reading

17. glbt (or any other arrangement of those letters, or with a q in there)

18. fantasy: A Chain of Letters

19. film: That's The Book

20. giraffe

21. biography: Confuzzled Books

22. Geraldine Brooks: Age 30- A Year Of Books

23. graphic novels: Karin's Book Nook

24. classics: Just Add Books

26. Amelie

27. doo doo doo: Care's Online Book Club

28. 24 Hour Read-a-thon

29. etsy: The Bookworm

30. poetry: Out of the Blue

31. Bookmooch: Bookarama


34. Bookworms Carnival

36. Lost (must refer to the TV series)

37. Six Feet Under

38. ReadingAnimals (I’m featuring her because I feel bad that I can’t figure out how to comment at her blog.)

39. hedgehog

40. pregnant

41. nosebleed (or nose bleed)

42. 42 (No, that’s not a mistake; number 42 is to find the digit 42.): Small World Reads

43. herding cats: Puss Reboots

44. Django Reinhardt

45. A.S. Byatt

46. Homer(The next three are suggestions from my son.)

47. ROFL

48. cheezburger (must be spelled with Z!)

49. d20

OKAY!!! That's all I'm going to do for now. I'm officially giving up. I have not that much patience for searching and linking!

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