Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekly Geeks #7: Photo Week

Part of the cool window from the library I go to the most.

Here's my secondary library, housed in a restored building from the old college campus.

This weeks Weekly Geek assignment is to post photos... anything we wanted around a "bookish" theme. Above are my two libraries, below you'll see some book piles and a couple of reading spots:

Here's my main book storage spot in the house, in the downstairs family room. It's getting to be quite overflowing. I do try to organize it somewhat with classics together, kids books together, etc.

Here's a close up of my current book storage problem. We just went through my daughter's bedroom and took out all these books. There's no room on the shelf for them! What to do?!! And the overflow of the books just above, that's from cleaning another bedroom a few weeks ago!

Here's the "pretty" bookshelf with the "pretty" books. Mostly hardbooks and my favorite... old antique type books. But, we end piling other sorts of books here too and it's also overflowing and looking not so pretty.

My long-term TBR shelf... books to get to someday. Some sooner than others. This shelf I've shared before, but it's constantly changing.

... and my short-term TBR pile, books I hope to get to within the month!

The main reading spot (other than in bed)....

.... and what will soon become the reading spot! Our new chair. It just needs a floor lamp now. (And there's our big new huge bird cage behind it!)

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  1. That window is stunning...I hope to read in an anciently beautiful library with stained glass like that someday!

  2. I love the library pictures - just what a library should be!

  3. Beautiful library and superbly messy shelves; I linked to you because of them!

  4. I used to live within walking distance of that library. A beautiful building. Loved your photos. I need to get going on this Weekly Geeks, the week's half over.

  5. My husband and I (back in our dating days) wandered around once in that building when it was an old falling down mess. It was very creepy and quite a stupid thing to do actually. But I still have that vision in my head and can't make it match up with what the building looks like today. Amazing difference!

  6. I know someone already commented, but that window is amazing. I had to zoom in to see everything that's going on and I'll still have to look at some more to see it for book shelves, I can relate. Books, books everywhere. I still have several books at my parents from years ago, that I haven't had a chance to get moved into our new house.

  7. Too bad I couldn't take a picture of the whole window! This is like tiny tiny faction of it. When you zoomed in did you get that it was fairy tales? The kids love to stand there and point them all out.

  8. I'm so jealous of your libraries! How beautiful!

  9. Nice libraries! And I don't know, I think ALL your book shelves and even piles are pretty!



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