Friday, January 18, 2008

A Couple of Reviews: The Mermaid Chair and The Writing Life

Book: The Writing Life by Annie Dillard
Genre: NF
Rating: B

So, never has a book so small taken me so long to read! I've been working on this for months, reading one page/chapter at a time every other week/month! Wow. I'm finally done!

I've heard tons of people like this book, but for me, I just didn't get it I guess. I like writing books that get you fired up to try writing, nice peppy pep talks. But this one waxed poetic and wandered here an there, and I guess it just went over my head.

Or maybe I just wasn't in the mood.

Book: The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd
Genre: general fiction
Rating: B+

My first "treadmill" book of the year! And what I have to say about it matches most everything I've heard everyone else say about it which is: yeah, it's okay, but not as good as The Secret Life of Bees... her first book.

I found that I wasn't very sympathetic toward the main character. She seemed quite whiney to me. She needed to find herself, and how does she do it? She has an affair. But whoops... I guess she changed her mind, and wonders if that was the right thing to do! But, I guess there's was other deeper stuff going on too.

Anyway, it was okay and a quick easy read, it just didn't wow me too much!


  1. Darn. I had hope The Writing Life would have been a good one. Back to the drawing board. I posted my Me & Mr. Darcy review if you are interested. Its onto The Road for me.

  2. Have you read Austenland as well? What is it about? Sounds like something I may be interested in.



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