Thursday, August 16, 2007

Review: The Stand by Stephen King

BOOK: The Stand by Stephen King
Genre: Horror
Rating: A-
Wow! I finally read a Stephen King book! (Not counting On Writing, which isn't your normal Stephen King book really.) I read this for two challenges: The TBR Challenge, and the Something About Me Challenge.....this one from's list.
I've kind of shied away from Stephen King, horror being not my thing. But I've heard so much about this particular book, and I got the feeling that if you ask, most Stephen King fans would count this as one of his best. So I was curious enough to check it out.
And what a story it is! Wow! But, I must say that I was getting too depressed by it and was glad to see it finally come to an end. It wore me out! The end of the world scenario depicted here seems like it could be so real. It's quite scary. There's a lot of political AND religious stuff that King is trying to say here that I couldn't even begin to list. But all very interesting.
There was lots of icky stuff too that maked me grimace and feel a bit squeamish, but that's to be expected in a so called horror book, right?
Anyway, I'm glad to have finally read it, but I must say that I'll probably give Stephen King a break for awhile!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I read "It" by King and liked it ok but then I tried "Lisey's Story" but didn't finish. I don't think I am a fan. I don't like horror much.

  2. Suey, I'm very glad you liked 'The Stand'. You are right, most of his fans would say this is his best. I've read it about a thousand times (although I'll never quite forgive King for what happened to favorite character.)

  3. Ah yes.... poor Nick. I was moaning during that bit and my kids looked at me like I was crazy. They should be getting used it though, because I do tend to get loud during stressful book scenes!

  4. I am so glad you enjoyed it! It is one I have read several times now and each time I really enjoy it!



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